Saturday, February 17, 2018


Faced with unrelenting freezing cold along almost the entire US East Coast, and this year after year, warmists have now come up with an EXPLANATION. Why, it's a Warming Hole!

My oh my, you gotta read this drivel:

"We present a novel approach to characterize the spatiotemporal evolution of regional cooling across the eastern U.S. (commonly called the U.S. warming hole), by defining a spatially explicit boundary around the region of most persistent cooling."

That's ponderous pseudoscientific babble which in normal speak can be translated as: "We really don't understand why Mother Nature downright refuses to follow our computer models but we're trying to sell you an explanayshun anyway".


"The U.S. “Warming Hole” is a region in the eastern United States that experienced a broad decline in temperatures beginning in the late 1950's. The warming hole is fundamentally different than global temperature trends, which have been rising since 1880. There are several ideas as to why the warming hole exists, but most cannot fully explain the observed temperature patterns."

So if your ass is freezing off in Savannah, Georgia, don't you worry. It's just that you find yourself in a shitho, erm, a Warming Hole!

Hat tip James Delingpole.


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