Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Upcoming in the UK at least. Do not miss this marvelous movie review of Darkest Hour by Mark Steyn.

And here's the trailer, featuring an unrecognizable but all the more credible Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill:

After a month of Blitzkrieg Europe was stunned, and Britain ready to do business with Hitler. One man's steadfast refusal to give in prevailed. There's an excellent book out there by John Lukacs, "5 Days in London".

After reading it, you will know how close Europe had come to being a Nazi continent. The entire course of history would have been radically different than it is today - and much more horrifying.

One man stood in the way. Winston Spencer Churchill, Greatest Statesman Of All Times. This is what Elizabeth Nel, née Layton, his personal secretary during the war years, had to say about him:

"[T]hat great man – who could at any time be impatient, kind, irritable, crushing, generous, inspiring, difficult, alarming, amusing, unpredictable, considerate, seemingly impossible to please, charming, demanding, inconsiderate, quick to anger and quick to forgive – was unforgettable. One loved him with a deep devotion. Difficult to work for – yes, mostly; loveable – always; amusing – without fail."


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