Thursday, January 18, 2018


Jordan Peterson is professionally a Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and politically a liberal.

Haha, got you there! No seriously, he describes himself as a classic British Liberal, which is perhaps closest to a classic American libertarian. In any case, he's on our side of the fence. Watch the following interview, during which he stomps all over SJW twat Cathy Newman, who invited him for an interview on Channel 4 but who's now prolly thinking that wasn't the smartest idea to ever pop up in her attic:

There's more significance here than meets the eye. I... dare hope, and even posit, that Mr Peterson's performance here is more than one lucky shot for the Right in the culture wars. Peterson, who in 2013 began recording his lectures and uploading them to his YouTube channel (which by now has over 600,000 subscribers), is part of a growing number of prominent personalities on the Right who seem to be grasping what benefits the new digital communication avenues can bring them.

On this here humble blog, I have stated several times that our real enemy is not 'islam'. I even borrowed a couple of times a line from Oliver Stoned, a soundbite he used in his 86 flick Platoon: "The enemy is in us". And it is, though not in the context of that movie, but in our daily lives, in our interactions at school, university, the workplace, the cinemas, the family even. The enemy is in us to an extent that the Left has convinced far too many of us that we should hate ourselves for what we are and have done.

If we had not allowed a gazillion of leftist/greenish dogmas and phantasmagorias to poison the minds of generations, the West would not find itself in such a dire predicament as it is today.

I've been mulling it over. The emergence of a leader like President Trump and the appearance of a personality like Peterson are not coincidences... but maybe, possibly, signs that a great turnover in the Right's fortunes is just over the horizon.

Oh yes, I would counsel against too much optimism.

And yet I'm reminded of that famous WSC quote, pronounced after the Battle of El Alamein.

It goes like this:

Let's hope so.


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