Saturday, August 19, 2017


Steely Dan with Do it Again. From their debut album Can't buy a Thrill (1972).

If you did not know yet that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker named their band after a dildo featuring in a novel by Beat Generation William Burroughs, you know it now. IIRC, they dug his corpse up from the grave to do a cameo in that nineties flick with Matt Dillon, chips, can't remember the title.

Dang. Had to look it up. That movie was Drugstore Cowboy, from 1989, and it also featured Kelly Lynch. Also, it wasn't Burrough's corpse they set up, it was a live Burroughs, he still walked the Earth. Somewhat.

Christopher Cross with Ride Like the Wind. From his debut album Christopher Cross (1980).

There's backing vocals from Michael MacDonald (The Doobie Brothers).

Slaap wel.


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