Sunday, June 18, 2017


There's terribly depressing news all over Europe, what with leftist activists brazenly exploiting the Grenfell Tower tragedy for political gains, the London mayor allowing an al Quds demonstration where Hezbollah flags are openly carried, Macron's party En Marche obtaining an absolute majority in French Parliament (as I have said so often, the French can be safely relied upon to do the wrong thing time and again), the EU moving against Hungary and Poland because they refuse to take in their "refugees" quota, massive fires in Portugal which so far have claimed the lives of 62 people, German police unable to stop the activities of muslim criminal gangs, and in my own country ever more turmoil at the hands of the followers of the prophet. I'll spare you the details of that last topic, but I could fill several posts with it.

So I really needed some good news and there was, there was. Below's a short video about a demo by the "Identitaeren" in Berlin over the weekend:

Western Europe's last hope.


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