Thursday, March 09, 2017


Read and weep. Loosely translated from PI-News:

 photo swedish_pussymen_zpsqqa72hm0.jpg

"These (castrated) steelworkers, welders, masons, electricians, welders, roof workers.... are very sad that they have so few female colleagues, so in 2014 they decided to no longer use the terms him or her (in Swedish "han" or "hun") but only the sexless it ("hen").

Today they also want to express solidarity with women by wearing female headgear. But that's not enough; these hooded "men" are excusing themselves for not being perfect and for being white males:

"The Gods know that we are not perfect - we are a bunch of middle aged white men. But at least we are wearing pink bonnets (Gudarna ska veta att vi inte är perfekta… Vi ÄR ett gäng vita, medelålders män. Men vi har i alla fall rosa mössor på oss.)"

If these bozos don't watch out, the Lion of the North will rise from his grave and choke these pitiful wankers to death by stuffing their pink bonnets down their throats:

 photo gustavus_adolphus_zpskwcctzol.jpg

Although sadly, I think we must rule out this possibility. If only for ole Gustavus down in his grave being prolly too heartbroken for what has become of the country he lifted up from irrelevancy to give a fucking damn anymore. So the appropriate sentiment is rather:

But oh-kay, "hen" you say? Fair enough. We will call you hens!


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