Friday, December 30, 2016


Huddershield is a small town in England's north, roughly between Leeds, Manchester et Sheffield.

The following photo comparison, courtesy François Desouche, speaks bookmarks about the stark and horrible reality of Population Replacement in Europe:

 photo huddersfield_then_now_zpsq9qlfifh.jpg

A Huddersfield class in 1950, and one in 2016. I don't know what is more sad: the disappearance of Europe's indigenous population, or the gullible smiles of the idiot white teachers, happy to assist in cultural and ethnic harakiri.

The biggest share of the blame lies with the Left, of course. It is they who have been championing our demise from the start. It is they who opened the sluices to let the waves of backward Third Worlders in.

But I reserve the right to lay part of the blame also with the Europeans themselves.

What on Earth is WRONG, oh so dead WRONG with my "fellow" Europeans that they cannot seem to find the will anymore to do what Man's most essential, impulses dicate: PROCREATE. Make the species last.

I'm sick and tired of the defeatism and the irresponsibility and the boundless consumerism and the ubiquitous 'Après nous le déluge' attitude.

I'm sick and tired of coming across acquaintances and friends who have deliberately chosen not to have children.

Some samples from my circle:

* B.D. and his brother J., the former, at age 49, still living at his parent's house: I don't think they are gay, it's not that they are borderline ugly or whatever, yet I've never known them to even check out girls.
* many, many couples with one or at the very most two kids who, upon my enquiring whether there will be a number three, express horror at the thought. Imagine!
* many girls, even pretty hot ones, who have deliberately chosen the single lifestyle
* of my three siblings, only one has kids also (two)
* of my mother's sister's three children, only one has kids (two also)
* of my three best friends, one is gay, and one has chosen to live with a divorced woman thirteen years his senior: no kids on both fronts.

I could go on and on, but I simply don't have the heart anymore. I'm being bludgeoned day after day by experiences that leave me utterly depressed. Like, e.g., attending family parties where our meager offspring, my two kids and my sister's two, are the only young persons in a huge bunch of otherwise middle aged and old people.

Personally, I would have liked to have three kids. Unfortunately, circumstances dictated otherwise: first my wife was against, then cancer struck. My final chemiotherapy made me sterile.

It's more than a bit weird to find out that I seem to be so isolated to notice our ongoing decline. I live in a society where idiots take to the streets to champion abortion as if it is the zenith of morality, and where progressive politicians try to include ever more categories on tailor made euthanasia legislation. Fools not only in the socialist and green parties, but also in centrist and supposedly center-right ones, scream from the rooftops that Mother Earth has to be saved and holler forever about maintaining biodiversity, all the while not seeming to notice there's one kind of biodiversity that's dwindling fast: Whites. Never have I known the outright propaganda for gay lifestyles being stronger: whenever you open a tabloid or even a 'respectable' newspaper, whenever you so much as glance at a soap, there's always gay celebs and characters involved and please, don't get me wrong: I DON'T hate gay people. It's just that I find it utterly incomprehensible why a way of life that produces no offspring has to be celebrated in a time and age where we are litterally dying out.

At the end of the day, I'm left with one question: how is it possible that I have remained immune from all the madness?


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