Saturday, August 13, 2016


Last Friday, at a Hannover court (that's Hannover in Germany), the trial against 32-year old Daniel F. began. Sadly, when his 27-year old girlfriend Vanessa Muenstermann broke their relationship, Daniel F. was still under the impression he was entitled to punish her in the customary way - i.e., customary in whatever third world hellhole he came from: with an acid attack.

I'm not speaking out against multiracial relationships, but, although I don't like to say it out loud, white women should think twice before embarking with black men. It doesn't have to be bad - but from what I've been able to witness thus far, even in my very own family (talking about one of my nieces here), it usually does not end well.

By contrast, relationships between Whites and Asians seem to be far more stable.

 photo Daniel_F_zpsvwhciaf3.jpg

Will Miss Muenstermann now reject multiculturalism, even though she is as good as blind to one eye and as good as deaf to one ear?

I seriously doubt it. The effects of 5 decades of leftist brainwashing are not easily undone.

Anyway, this humble post as well as the previous one are just some tidbits of evidence that there's a huge - yuge - hatefest brewing against the White Race, which is weakening on a daily basis. Indeed, as a percentage of the world population Whites are diminishing rapidly. In absolute terms, same trend.

The knives are being sharpened, and if you are white, you better be prepared.


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