Saturday, August 27, 2016


Via our Waffenbruder PI-News: a well-made video showing Identitaere Bewegung youths mounting Berlin's famous Brandenburger Tor and rolling out a banner reading "SECURE BORDERS - A SECURE FUTURE".

PI News concludes with a message for them ID youths:

"Wehrt Euch gegen die zügellose Einwanderung in Eure Länder und gegen die immer mehr voranschreitende Islamisierung! Wehrt Euch gegen eine verantwortungslose Herrscherclique, deren Protagonisten Euch Sicherheit und Zukunft nehmen! Wehrt Euch gegen die Politik des Großen Austauschs, verteidigt Europa!"


"Fight against the uncontrolled invasion of your countries and against the ever encroaching islamization! Fight against an irresponsible clique of "elites", of which the protagonists steal your safety and future! Fight against the Big Substitution, defend Europe!"

The enthusiasm of these brave boys and girls is heartwarming. My own kids are still young, but I would be damn proud if in a few years they would join a Belgian ID chapter.

And if out there, among our readers, there are guys and gals in the 15-30 years of age category, and you can't cope anymore with the incessant betrayal of our so-called "leaders" litterally DESTROYING your future, and the future of YOUR offspring, and the future of the generations after them...

... You know what to do.



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