Friday, July 17, 2015


Look for yourself. The euphemistically called Planned Parenthood is selling body parts from aborted fetuses.

Since this does get a lot of coverage in the US, this post is primarily intended for readers outside the States. In particular in abortion-crazy Europe, where you can be sure the story will be buried as deep as possible - if it gets coverage at all.

Leftists are wretched people.

I am getting more and more convinced that actually we must not see islamic terrorism as our prime concern - we can actually always deal with that. If only we are willing to make a stand, we can pulverize them and blow them away any time we want. Any time.

Our No. 1 Enemy is leftism, in all its forms. It is leftists who are sapping our strength, undermining our belief in ourselves, crippling our finances, tearing our social fabric apart, discredit and strangle our military, open our borders wide to welfare seekers and criminals, poison the minds of our youths, break down moral safeguards, ruin our economies, reward those who profit from society while punishing those who contribute to it, make heroes of felons while mocking brave men and women making a real difference, defecate on Christianity but lie in bed with a belief system that is basically hellbent on destroying us, promote relationships that don't produce offspring while attacking those that provide stability and safe homes for children, design ugly euthanasisa schemes to finish off unwanted elderly people...

... and murder the most vulnerable among us in their mothers' wombs.

Such is the handiwork of our moral betters.

Leftists - socialists, communists, greens, call them whatever you want - THEY ARE THE MAIN ENEMY.

And they should be treated as such.


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