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From the I want to emigrate to the Ross Ice Shelf Department:

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A screenshot from Het Laatste Nieuws Online, Monday, April 20,2015.

Chiro is the biggest youth movement in Flanders and Brussels, with around 100,000 members. The name Chiro simply combines the Greek characters chi (χ) and rho (ρ), being the first characters of Christos, the Greek form of Christ.

Somewhere in the mid-seventies, as a ten-year old, I was briefly a member.

Ten years later, I was a chiro leader myself, again for a short time span - only two years. The 'squad' entrusted to me accounted for about fifteen boys aged between 8 and 12 - boys in that timeframe were/are called 'Rakkers'.

Well - in the Year of Our Lord 2015, it has come to this [translation of the above article]:

Chiro Flanders from now on publishes its hiring ads stipulating they are open for men (m), women (v) and persons not counting themselves to one of these sexes (x). "A conscious and logical choice", says Chiro Flanders.

Chiro is currently looking for an educational staffer (m/v/x) in Antwerp. It's a conscious and logical choice to also mention the 'x', says Merijn Van de Gehuchte of Chiro Flanders to VRT News.

"We see that gender roles in society change: it's not anymore solely about man or woman. As Chiro we would like to reach out to everybody and thus we find it only normal that we also mention the 'x' ".

For crying out loud!!! Back in Outlaw's days we only knew two species! That was, a.) them MALES. They have Balls. Used to, anyway:

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and b.) Them FEMALES. They have bigger, um, you see what I mean:

 photo female_worker_zpshtoyb5ww.gif

Mr Van de Gehuchte, ANYONE who cannot identify as either a.) or b.) has NO BUSINESS in a youth movement in the first place. I have young children myself, and if they were Chiro members, they'd go to camp during summer. I would definitely NOT want them to sleep under one and the same canvas with a being who's got trouble to identify his or her sex. And having read your nonsensical drivel, I'm certainly not going to encourage them to join this year.

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This was Outlaw Mike, reporting from the Biggest Open Air Funny Farm in the Solar System, aka Europe.


PS: okay ladies, if you think Outlaw's second pic is not representative enough, how about this? Conservative sweetie Katie Pavlich:

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