Sunday, February 15, 2015


... the ending scene of Christopher Nolan's Inception.

Inception is imho a flawless movie, grossly understated. I suppose that's because it's too intellectual. Or, put it another way, the storyline requires some serious effort to comprehend. Avatar or Predator it ain't (thank God). But then we know this, don't we? Memento required that intellectual effort too, and boy was it worth it at the end. I still haven't seen Interstellar, but I will soon, and two days ago I ordered Insomnia per Amazon. Yup, I've become a total Nolan aficionado.

Go see Inception. A bonus on top of the great story, the superb cast, the stylistic excellence, and Marion Cotillard's beautiful rack, is Hans Zimmer's magnificent soundtrack.

Is Cobb dreaming? Or is he not dreaming?

I've come to think Nolan is essentially a hopeful guy; that also was the gist of quite a lot of reviews of Interstellar. Look at the toll in the last seconds. Its rotational movements show a couple of hiccups, suggesting it won't keep turning indefinitely.


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