Sunday, August 03, 2014


Klangkarussel opens with Netzwerk. Klangkarussel is German for sound carousel, FYI. Austrian electronic dance band around Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held, blokes from Salzburg. Formed in 2011.

This hit was released last May. It's nice to have good poppy things/brand new sounds coming out of the German-speaking world for a change. If memory serves, the last time we noticed - that's me, myself and I anyway - was over thirty years ago, at the time of the Neue Welle.

Then it's Cat Stevens, that lousy idiot, with some decent material from the time when he still had brains: Matthew and Son.

That's it. Good night. Sorry for the hiatus, been in the Austrian Alps and the Berghuette had no wifi. Can you imagine?

Oh well. Twas a digital D-Tox, for a change.


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