Saturday, May 24, 2014


Steve Winwood opens with Night Train. From his 1980 second solo album, Arc of a Diver. Audio Qty. isn't very good, but at least you've got something to look at.

Steve Winwood - Night Train door jpdc11

On the other hand, Steve's hairdo is a crime against humanity. But because our hero is such a talented multi-instrumentalist, we will forgive him that.

Jawohl indeed, Steve does everything. Acoustic & electric guitars, lead and backing vocals, drums, bass, keyboards, percussion, synthesizers, you name it, PLUS engineering and mixing the whole shebang. Thanks again John D., for getting me to know this remarkable fella in the ole days at Saint Joseph (though it was thru his third album Talking Back To The Night actually). Ah, memories of days gone by!

Antoine Roundtree aka Skee-Lo with his 1995 hiphop single I wish.

One of the very few digestable rappers.

Good night and may the usual scumbags suffer such a bloody defeat in Belgium's Mother of all Elections tomorrow, that they can't even tell anymore which planet in the Solar System they live on.


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