Sunday, June 30, 2013


More like an afternoon, actually. It was a Blitzbesuch. I'll post the following pics since I promised you, Jan. I'm sorry, I'm not that good a photographer, plus these are mere iPhone shots. It's a very meagre collection below, but I'm, well, I am recovering now, my treatment ended a good month and a half ago, But I'm still rather f*cked up.

 photo CS1_zpsb21e0054.jpg

Antwerp's Central Station, built between 1895 and 1905. The architect was Louis Delacenserie, from Bruges.

 photo zoo_Antwerp_zpsd1be92f1.jpg

The Antwerp Zoo, the oldest of the country (1843), also one of the oldest of Europe.

 photo carolus_borromeus_zps1549030f.jpg

A gem often overlooked by tourists, although it's only a five minutes walk away from the Cathedral of Our Lady, which attracts all the attention. This is the magnificent Carolus Borromeus Church on the Hendrik Conscience Square. A baroque place of worship built between 1615 and 1621, a record for those days.

 photo OLVKathedraal_zps5c262fd3.jpg

The Cathedral of Our Lady, a gothic jewel. It's a terrible pity lack of funds prohibited the completion of the tower to the right. Work began in 1352, and almost 170 years later, the church was ready - apart from the south tower, which did not reach higher than the third strinc course. In the night of 5-6 October 1533, fire severely damaged the church. The financial ramifications of this were that the funds needed to raise the south tower to the same height as the north one, were used for repairing the damage first. Thereafter no serious attempt could ever be undertaken anymore to complete the South Tower.

 photo OLVKathedraal2_zps1ef1e0a1.jpg

Another view of the Cathedral, this time from the Grote Markt.

 photo Boerentoren_zps67dccd72.jpg

The Boerentower, Belgium's first 'skyscraper'. Well, we're talking the 1930's here. It's a building in Art Deco style constructed between 1929 and 1932.



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