Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Well, to be sure, Belgium's prime state controlled TV broadcaster 'EEN' ('One'), at least did say at the very beginning that the death of Britain's first female PM caused 'mixed reactions'.

What mixed reactions you will ask?

Oh, check out for yourself. Just for the fun of it, I took screenshots as today's newsreel's progress strip went forward and the Belgian population received its daily dose of fair and balanced information. TA-DAAAAA!!!!!

 photo exhibit_a_zps34136141.jpg


 photo exhibit__a_bis_zpsc114c6fc.jpg

Bozos dancing and cheering the passing of the UK's first female PM.

 photo exhibit_b_zps4f68e935.jpg

A very representative specimen of a stiff upper lip member of the British Aristocracy is of the opinion 'that's how it is. We all have to go once'.

 photo exhibit_c_zps857a0f4b.jpg

'What's her legacy here?' Here? Nothing.'

 photo exhibit_d_zps01fadb7a.jpg

Asked for his opinion, yet another True Briton, upon asked what Thatcher's reign resulted in, summed it up neatly: 'The destruction of North England, of worker's families, of Liverpool'.

 photo exhibit_e_zps2743974c.jpg

'Thatcher leaves me cold, after what she did to Wales and the miners'.

 photo exhibit_f_zpsb937ed39.jpg

'Places like Grimethorpe are ghost towns.'

 photo exhibit_g_zps09c16d35.jpg

Then it's the turn of a Union Boss, IIRC in Yorkshire: 'There will be many in the miners' villages who won't shed a tear...'

 photo exhibit_h_zpsdfe469c9.jpg

'But who will drink on her passing and say: Good Riddance!'

 photo exhibit_i_zpsee144db3.jpg

'Margaret Thatchers dead. LOL.'

I've been battling cancer since late November and frankly, after yet another day's hard work, and coming home late after visiting several clients, I just wanted to sit down and relax a little. This newsreel however, seen at noon, baffled me so much that I felt I really had to preserve the key shots for posterity. May, in a saner age, people watch them and realize how all over the western world such blatant leftist bias and the deliberate spreading of falsehoods to the gullible population really, truly was an omnipresent feature of our times, not only in Belgium. To be sure, right at the beginning of the newsreel there was one - one - chap sitting in a cafe who thought that Thatcher 'was someone who meant what she said and did not come back upon it'. It could be catalogued as s positive opinion. See? In EEN's news report there was room for the good and the bad, which in its vocabulary means 'fair and balanced'.

You can also learn from this coverage that at the time of Thatcher's tenure all British workers were miners, and that apparently the entire country lies in waste at the moment.

Goodbye for now. I only wish I had the time and energy to provide a similar set of screenshots of EEN's coverage of Hugo Chavez's death.



Joanne said...

Michael, I am so sorry you are battling cancer. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. It doesn't take long to change your PH balance. You can consume baking soda and there is a product called EISSAC OR CASSIE - spelled backwards. I do not know if you can get this in Europe, but you should be able to. It has an astounding cure rate for cancer. God Bless you. Please check into that product. I know there is a doctor in Italy who injects tumours with a baking soda solution, which shrinks tumours within a couple weeks or less, and he uses the solution also for other types of cancer. Take it easy - enjoy your family.

Michael said...

Thx for the advice and the wishes Joanne. But all in all my treatment has gone quite well. Actually, after a final stint in a quarantine room in Jette hospital, which will last anything between 15 and 20 days, the actual treatment will be over. Of course I am then entering a period of reconvalescence. I just hope I will be able to climb the Ben Lomond and the Ben McDhui in Scotland this summer!!! Bye, my best to you!