Saturday, June 23, 2012


Lou Reed's Perfect Day.

Reed wrote it in 1972 and it appeared on his Transformer album, released in November of the same year. I got to know it around ten years later, courtesy my good friend John D. During the eighties, I forgot its title (!)  and, it being the pre-Internet age and me having other stuff on my mind, it faded more and more from my radar. Sometime during the nineties however it was part of the soundtrack of the movie Trainspotting, and Perfect Day made a perfect comeback. It's been in my personal Top 2,000 ever since.

Joe Jackson with It's different for girls.

From the album I'm the Man (1979), the one with him posing as a spiv. While I learned of this album later on, I got to know Joe Jackson also through John D., who influenced my musical taste heavily in the early eighties. As a matter of fact, he made me worldwise in rock 'n roll. Before that, both taste and knowledge about cool music were, how to put it... piss-poor. Right, that's the correct expression. Piss-poor. So, a Big Belated THANK YOU, John.

Good night.


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