Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Back in 2004, I predicted a rightwing shift in Europe. By and large, I was proven right, a few exceptions like Zapatero's victory in Spain notwithstanding. I also stated that that shift was not so much a move to the right, as a move away from the left, since the politically correct pensée is so hopelessly ingrained in the western mind, courtesy our leftist media and education system, that what passes for a European Right is actually almost Left Lite, like e.g. Cameron's 'conservatives' in the UK, or the Reinfeldt variety of center right in Sweden. And what could really be labeled 'Right', like Belgium's Vlaams Belang, is mercilessly quarantined politically.

Whatever rightwing tide there has been, has that stopped now, with Hollande's victory in the French elections?

I am cautiously weighing my words when I say, 'no'. Or rather, 'not yet'.

A couple of years ago, I read the Stephen King short story 'The road virus heads north', in which an author, travelling north from Boston, Massachusetts to Derry, Maine, buys a curious painting of a sinister looking young man seated in a cabrio, driving somewhere. As the author, a Richard Kinnell, continues north, he perceives a change in the painting and, unsettled, discards it. It does not do him good, because he finds that as he moves closer and closer to Maine, the painting is preceding him, sometimes hanging already against a wall in a rest stop... and with details in its background making it clear that the ghastly driver's real time alter ego is actually closing in on him.

The socialist victory in France is a bit like that road virus. It's heading north. It's been going on for some time, since we already mentioned Zapatero's eight year reign in Spain, during which he single-handedly obliterated the work of that marvellous rightwing gentleman Jose Maria Aznar, who had succeeded in bringing Spain's unemployment rate back to 10%.

Spain, which only months ago found out that socialist medicine tastes bitter, now has an unemployment rate of 25%.

I guess I don't need to elaborate on the wonders socialism wrought in Greece.

And now it's France's turn. The road virus is heading north.

François Hollande is quantité négligable. He's an asshole and a dwarf and a cretin. He also has power. He has power to implement e.g. his ludicrous and written-in-the-stars-destined-to-be-counterproductive measure of taxing les riches 75%. You read that right. Seventy-five per cent.

France, already very much a statist economy, is now embarking not on a Tour de France, but on a Tour of Doom, since in their glorious wisdom the frogs have decided to couple hard core socialism with islam. Indeed, muslims constitute already 10% of the French population and they are procreating like rats on steroids. It should be noted that a staggering 93 % of French muslims voted for Hollande, which was one way to show their disgust of Sarkozy, who, treacherous and ineffectual as he may have been, nevertheless introduced a burqa ban.

The upcoming combination of socialism and islam is the most potent economy-killer on earth. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle of France going down in flames for the upcoming five years. And here is the take of one of perhaps four or five Frenchman who have their head screwed on right. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Dissident Frogman:

"...Unlike Corneille’s El Cid, my dilemma wasn’t between banging my girlfriend or wasting her father (I bet you can tell that was written by a Frenchman, now) but rather between voting for someone who deserved to lose, and not doing my humble part to minimize the score of someone who did not deserve to win.

On one hand, Hollande’s election pitch (the candidate’s Profession de Foi, or “profession of faith” as it is called even, ironically, by those Frenchmen who claim that God is dead) reads like he and the Socialists have been living on another planet for the last 20 years. I mean, I knew the French Left was in a semi-fossilized state since the early 1970’s (the French Communist Party was, after all, the last Stalinist party in Western Europe, long after the others ‘reformed’ themselves) but I never knew the Socialists were so economically, socially, culturally and politically retarded in this glorious year of 2012.

Candidate Porcinet’s profession of faith reads like the Ten Commandments of last century’s People Prophets: punish those who succeed (until they move to Britain or Switzerland), plunder big businesses (in case they’d still harbor any intention to go for big employment), force or flatter and in last resort coerce and submit as much as possible to a State whose expansion you will feed through taxing everything that moves (and keeps moving, dixit le Gipper), while spending more than you have and borrowing whatever you can’t steal.

Looking at the French Left these days, you can almost feel a North Korean-lite level of insanity at work: no matter that the money is running out, that the standards of living are falling steadily and will continue to do so, these guys want to carry on, nay, extend the very policies and practices that brought us in this sorry state of affairs in the first place.


The horrible truth about the party that is now at the helm in France is that they are, and I weight my words carefully, completely mental (though in truth, the previous one was only ever so slightly less bonkers), while the added horror stems from the fact that they’ve just been chosen by a slight majority of the voters.

Hollande did not deserve to win—unless you belong to the kind of people who, when asked “Who should we put in charge of the clattering train?” would answer “Why, Death, of course. Who else?” (for the record, that’s 51.63 % of the French electorate)

On the other hand, Nicolas “Tricky Nick” Sarkozy did deserve to lose. Back in 2007, he fooled the better half of the voters by campaigning on a free(ish)-market / small(ish) government platform, before making a u-turn (okay, maybe just 170°) as soon as he was elected, aggravating both his friends on the Right and his enemies on the Left—who hate him for being at times (though admittedly not all the time) more effectively, and in some tragic way more efficiently, Left-wing than themselves. Cue his disgusting pandering to the Ecologists and hard left unions at the ‘Grenelles de l’Environment’, including but not limited to, his warm introduction of Al Gore as “President Al Gore”.

And so there was no doubt in my mind that he couldn’t win—that much has been crystal clear to me for quite some time (I mean, look, I last predicted the sacking of Sarko in September 2010, and everybody acts as if yesterday’s results are the big shocking results? What the hell are these people reading? Le Fluffingtown Host?1)

On the third hand (that’s the one the big French state was slipping in my pocket while I was foolishly debating the other two) there is one thing with which I can blindly entrust my fellow Frenchmen: they always have, and always will make the worst possible choices at the worst possible times—and this time again, they did.

So my ‘solution’ out of this dilemma? Well, knowing that Sarkozy couldn’t win, even with my vote, I felt desperate enough at the prospect of a Socialist plebiscite that I would give him my vote, thus clinging to the bittersweet consolation of knowing that in the end, I did my part to minimize Hollande’s victory margin—no matter how useless this might have been..."

France is dead. Vive la France.



Joanne said...

Are the French just plain old stupid or what? This sure was a shocker, considering the effects of socialism are not only well documented in so many failed socialist regimes, but evident in their close neighbors, the Spanish. Oh well, there is a saying that states people get what they deserve, and well, the French are no exception.

Michael said...

They are plain old stupid Joanne.