Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well, it's not that I can afford to spend a working day hiking in Belgium's south. The following pics were shot on a Sunday two weeks ago, but for some reason I didn't get to put up a small blogpost with 'em. Anyway, back then the weather was glorious (after a truly miserable, wet and cold April), so me off southwards.

Esneux is a quaint little town some fifteen kloms south of Liège. It's worth a visit, but I came here principally because it's a good starting point for a trek along the 'Boucle de l'Ourthe', the U-turn the Ourthe river describes just north of Esneux, almost pinching itself off near the town. The high point of this walk is the Rocher aux Faucons, 'Rock of Falcons', whence you enjoy a beautiful sight on the 'Boucle'. The photo shows the view to the southwest (click on the photo to have an unhampered view):


And here's the sight towards the southeast. In the left corner you can discern the tiny village of Fêchereux, no cars allowed.


Short clip. Stay seated in the pause.

After the walk I drove about twenty kloms to the south and southwest because I definitely wanted to check out the location of a particular rock I'd been searching there for quite some time. Near the villages of Bellevaux and Ligneuville I felt I was getting hot. An adjacent valley merited a place on da blogh of yours truly:


'Lo and behold, I finally found my rock: the Rocher de Falize, towering over the small valley of the Warche. This is actually just the top of this particular rock formation:

So, that's all folks. Enjoy!


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