Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Two must see videos. First Andrew Breitbart:

A guy to follow.

Then Daniel Hannan:

Over here in Europe, watching these videos gives me a glimmer of hope. How great is to hear people loudly and proudly proclaim that they are Conservatives!

Unthinkable here in Europe without being ridiculed and demonized! In Belgium, ONLY ONE party more or less approaches the American ideal and that is, of course, the Vlaams Belang.

The degree to which the general population has been spoonfed the age old tantrums about the VB being 'extreme right', 'undemocratic' and 'a descendant of nazism' is astonishing. Just last week I found myself discussing Belgian politics with a sales representative, who I always considered an intelligent, decent and rational human being. It of course turned around the massive new taxes the new Belgian government has introduced, thereby immediately sending shudders through the entire Belgian economy.

How curious was it to hear this man, halfway through the discussion in which he actually agreed with me that this was a fullblooded leftwing government implementing age-old methods that have always proven NOT to work, refer to the Vlaams Belang as being a 'nondemocratic party'!

But why should I be so surprised? After all, all my life I have heard our state-funded media refer to all other parties than the VB as being the 'democratic parties'! As if the VB and its predecessor the Vlaams Blok, which exist solely because they have people voting for them, are somehow political groupuscules from some faraway South American dictatorship where power comes out of the barrel of a gun.

Anyone meeting with today's VB leadership, and reading its very decent and informative party magazine, or its website for that matter, will see firsthand that the decadelong allegations of the VB being a party of closet nazis are so utterly baseless and ridiculous that you would burst out laughing, were it not that it is so tragic.


... we must carry on, bide our time, and be ready for the fight when all hell brakes loose. In the meantime, we must take heart that our cousins from over the Atlantic still enjoy the privilege and the pleasure of being simply and unapologetically....



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