Thursday, December 01, 2011


Worthy of the Supercommittee.



Larry said...

Michael- This was more productive than the 'Supercommittee' because it took so little time to discover its uselessness.

Mike-what's your measure on this?: "NRC Handelsblad is arguably the most respected newspaper in the Netherlands. Hans Moll was an editor there for twenty years. He is now retired, and has a few things to say about what he experienced there.

"In his new book, Verzwijgen als of het gedrunkt staat, of Hoe de nuance verdween: NRC Handelsblad over Israël, de Islam en het integratiedebat (How the Nuance Vanished: NRC Handelsblad on Israel, Islam, and the Integration Debate), Moll provides a very valuable document of our time: an insider look at the kind of day-to-day reportorial and editorial decision-making, in matters big and small, that leads a newspaper to convey a less than objective view of the world." (more)...Do you think it will grow any legs in your neighborhood?

Michael said...


sorry for the late response. It's completely correct. Even though it's a Dutch newspaper, it is well known here. For a long time it had a reputation for being center right but indeed, since a decade or so, it has made a turn to the left.

And an interesting thing to note is that the editor-in-chief of Belgium's 'top' newspaper, Peter Vandermeersch, this very year was hired by NRC to be THEIR editor-in-chief. So... I don't see things getting better there.

Even so, The Netherlands DO have a freer and politically more diverse offer on newspapers. E.g. there's De Telegraaf, which has quite some standing and which is decidedly center-right.

Nothing of the kind in Belgium.