Saturday, June 25, 2011


REM with All the way to Reno.

John Murphy's Surface of the Sun, from the Sunshine soundtrack.

Sorry for the light blogging. It's not because of a lack of topics, to the contrary. It's just that, well, things just aren't the same anymore after dad's death. Dad was a giant in his own way and yes, I do feel somewhat disconnected. Plus, the workload is as always, even more, crushing. Biz is quite good, even so that I'm engaging more personnel. I'm not the only one. Belgium goes thru something like a minor boom, with an economy that grew 2.2% over the past year, in any case a lot better than most of our neighbors including Germany (O.4%!).

The fact that this happened under the watch of a caretaker government - more than one year after the 2010 elections, Belgium still hasn't formed a government that reflects the voters' preference - is one more illustration of the obvious fact that countries need less government, not more. This caretaker government can basically take no important decisions - the fact that it declared war on Gaddafi is the obvious exception, and a baffling one at that - and yet the economy is humming fine. When some politican says to you, 'My plans are going to create so and so many tens of thousands of jobs', treat that personage with the utmost suspicion. Politicians can't create jobs, apart from the ones they need to fill their administrations. They can great an environment that may encourage entrepreneurs to create jobs though. This is what's happening right now in Belgium, only our politicians never meant it to go it this way.

Anyway... nite.


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