Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There is such a massive amount of coverage on the Tucson shooting that at first I thought I'd add nothing to it.

But the disgraceful way in which leftist media and leftist politicans have used this appalling incident for their political agenda made me change my mind;

Here's a screenshot of Het Laatste Nieuws Online, a Belgium newspaper. OF COURSE, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party are to blame:


Read how the HLN scumbags put it:

"Although Sarah Palin offered her condolences to the Giffords family via Facebook after the Tucson shooting, the Republican politician is more and more getting in a tight spot. Indeed, Congresswoman Giffords (40) last year was on the 'Democrats to be taken out' list on Palin's website, Palin being one of the thriving forces behind the very conservative Tea Party. It's a movement putting up a fierce resistance against President Obama's Health Care reforms..."

All the tricks in the books are okay. Notice the snapshot, expressly taken, for maximum effect, at the moment of an exxaggerated pose.

It is curious how quick our moral betters are to point out what they perceive as the reasons, when they themselves emerged not so long ago from a veritable eight-year long hatefest. A quick recap, and we start with some pics from lefty sites right after Palin's candidacy for VP became known:


Somewhat more explicit than the crosshairs on Palin's USA map huh?

A sophisticated enlighted member of the leftist intelligentsia crafted this impressive Palin artwork, no doubt subsidized:


This is Madonna shrieking 'I will kick her ass!!!'. Listen to the public.

Feel the love, huh?

But no matter how much flak Palin took, it's nothing compared to what the former President of the United States was subjected too. Remember - there were THOUSANDS of placards, photos and effigies like these:


We can't omit the Kill Bush Games...


... nor the Kill Bush T-shirts:


Golly, almost forgot the Kill Bush stamps:


There's also been a lot of love for Glenn Beck the past few days. How about this, leftist hypocrites? Syndicated host Mike Malloy publicly wishing FOX News Channel host Beck commits suicide, and expressing hope it will occur live and on the air:

Last November, the corrupt Democratic Congressman Kanjorski publicly called for his Republican opponent Rick Scott to be put against a wall and shot:


This was some scant evidence of the appalling double standard the left uses. They think they can get away with anything, and still hold the moral high ground. Leftism ladies and gentlemen, leftism... is a disease of the mind.

Be all that as it may.

I have a daughter who was born on September 4, 2001. Exactly one week before 9/11. Christina Taylor Green was born on 9/11 itself.


The lives of my girl and Christina ran parallel. From her photo, she seems like a happy kid, enormously pleased with life. By all accounts, she was.

Christina was always one week younger than my girl, and will... forever remain so.

I would like to ask people to... pray for this little jewel of a girl. And for the other innocent victims. And for their relatives.

It's appalling.


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