Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

For battling so bravely a kangaroo court in her native Austria, that seeks to destroy her for the mere reason of her using her right to freedom of expression.

Chidike Okeem.

For speaking out so eloquently against what he labels black intellectual serfdom.

Staff Sergeant Robert Miller.

For fighting for the liberty of the Afghan people (even though many, if not most, will ever appreciate his sacrifice), ultimately also for our liberty and for the safety of our societies against islamonazism. Showed unrivalled courage in the face of the enemy, was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honour.

USMC Corporal Jonathan Porto.

Another one of the many who, just like Staff Sgt. Miller, gave his life in this war with islamic nazism WHICH WE DID NOT SEEK, NOR GAVE REASON TO. The pain his widowed wife is going through can be gauged in her latest entry:

"...I get it. Being friends with a widowed person is not always easy. Did I completely lose my mind? Yes. Did I lose part of myself? Yes. Was I not always the best person? Yes. But I can guarentee that I am trying my fucking best to deal with what I've been given. Having bad days, making what some may think are bad decisions, completely losing your mind - it's all part of this. I didn't just lose my husband, the love of my life, my soul mate. I lost part of myself with him. And with that, I lost the future we'd planned, everything we had hoped for and looked forward to. It's not just a person who isn't there anymore, it's my entire life that is different now, without any say from me. I didn't ask for this.When you lose the love of your life and the future you'd intended to have your entire world changes and nothing makes sense. You struggle to keep your head above water and you don't think straight. And that's why you need good friends there to guide you, to listen, to not pass judgement, to just be there even if it's in silence. Even if you can't think straight enough to remember to call them regularly, just fucking be there. Walking out, disappearing, being mean and perpetuating rumors are not the ways to be a good friend to a widowed person or a person going through any tragedy for that matter. The sad part is, it's the people who say things like "I will always be there for you" or "whatever you need" that are the first to close the door in your face. Maybe some people can't handle it, they can't take the sadness, they're afraid of what they would do in the same situation or they don't think they would handle it the way you did and don't like the way you choose to live. News flash - you have NO IDEA how you will handle it until you're walking in those shoes. And then how you do handle it, how you continue to live because it is the only choice you have will surprise even yourself..."

Please, save a prayer for Cpl. Porto, Staff Sgt. Miller, and their many comrades in arms who either gave the ultimate sacrifice or got maimed or wounded.

Filip Dewinter.

One of the most underappreciated Heroes of the West. A leading Vlaams Belang personality, though he is not its chairman, he is constantly in the spotlights and not because he seeks them, but because he is willing to stick out his neck for the preservation of western civilization. It is why he will be in Koeln to stand by his comrades of ProKoeln who face the prospect of a megamosque, it is why he receives the Oriana Fallaci Award in Italy for his tireless defense of Freedom of Speech, it is why he incessantly rallies his party members to oppose the construction of mosques throughout Flanders. Vilified for twenty-five years or more in our country, his energy and stamina remain unparallelled. The smear campaign, waged nationally AND internationally, has not missed its effect. Possibly never will he enjoy the credit that Geert Wilders has. He deserves it just as well, and in all likelihood realizes it will elude him forever. He does not care. He keeps on fighting. He and I may differ in our views regarding the continued existence of our country Belgium, but compared to the islamic onslaught that is engulfing our entire continent, I consider that but a minor issue.

Over the past few years, Dewinter has gained my utmost and unwavering respect.

There are many, many more heroes, but... I lack the time to make this a more inclusive post. Be aware of the times we live in, and read and watch something else than the regime press and TV - and you will get to know ALL the brave.


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