Saturday, October 16, 2010


Upbeat number from Belgian band Hooverphonic, The world is mine (album Jackie Cane, 2002).

Originally (for a couple of years following the formation of the band in 1995), these guys named themselves Hoover, but they were forced to add the suffix "phonic" to avoid legal issues with a US band of the same name. A number of their songs made it internationally, both as singles and as soundtrack numbers. The song 2Wicky e.g. was on the soundtrack of the first I know what you did last summer movie. The number above was used in the UK television series Mile High (2003-2005).

The singer, Geike Arnaert, unfortunately left the band in 2008, to pursue a solo career.

Canadian singer-songwriter Alannah Myles had a smash hit in 1990 with Black Velvet.

To underscore my point that artists are more often than not clueless nutters and/or brainless twats, let me add that she's a muslim, be it of the more harmless variety (sufism).


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