Saturday, October 30, 2010


New wave band Fischer Z with So Long. From the album Going Deaf for a living (1980). Fischer Z is a forgotten band now, and back in the day they never even broke really through in their homeland, the UK. But in western continental Europe there was a brief period in the early eighties when they were quite well known - they did have a string of hits there, a.o. The Worker, So Long, Marliese, You'll never find Brian here.

If singer and guitarist John Watts looks slightly weirdo to you, it may be because before he was a mental health care worker.

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band with Main Street. From the album Night Moves (1976).

Golden Oldie, eh?

Sorry for the light blogging lately. Completely ruined when I get home. Others are doing real great jobs. Gates of Vienna. Pam Geller. Creeping Sharia. François Desouche. American Thinker. Townhall. The Brussels Journal. Het Vrije Volk. CDR Salamander. And so many, many others. Check 'em out.

But hey, don't let the islamonutters and crazy leftozoids steal the fun out of your life. Make sure to take a break now and then. Life's worth living. To the decent people among our readers: have a nice weekend.


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