Saturday, May 01, 2010


In 2006, their single Crazy catapulted these guys from nowhere to stardom. Gnarls Barkley is singer Thomas Callaway and multi-instrumentalist Brian Burton. Call it New Hiphop, neofunk or whatever you like, it's an instant catch. From their debut album St. Elsewhere.

Some twenty-five years earlier, Aussie band Icehouse had a single Crazy of themselves, but that ain't the one that's following now. I chose the 1985 single No Promises. The album it was drawn from, Measure for Measure, came out only the year after. Icehouse is forgotten now, but in the early to mid-eighties they did achieve some status as a talented New Wave/synthpop group in Europe. Other singles include Hey Little Girl, Great Southern Land and Electric Blue. The singer and pretty much the only consistent member is Iva Davies, who also did/does guitar, bass guitar, oboe and keyboards. Yeah he looks like a terrible softie. So what? I've seen him worse.

Nite all from the European Loonybion.


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