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Via François Desouche, February 3, 2010:

The German town of Rendsburg [in northern Schleswig-Holstein, on the Kiel Canal - MFBB] has authorised the call to prayer via loudspeaker of a muezzin from a minaret of Rendsburgs mosque, despite the protests of a part of the population, thus announced on Tuesday Rendsburgs Social Democrat mayor, Andreas Breitner.

The project, defended by the Islamic Centre, which is running the mosque, had provoked lively protests from part of the population, which focused on the nuisance caused by the call to prayer, launched five times a day to invite the faithful to prayer. A petition of the group "No Public Call to Prayer" had gathered 800 signatures.

However, according to the mayor, a study on the limits beyond which noise levels would become troublesome had shown that the public calls to prayer would not exceed 40 decibels, which corresponds with a radio or bird cries [said the mayor].

"Skin color, one's origin, gender or different religions do not play a role (in this kind of decisions). And it's good like that", explained the mayor.

The mosque of this town of more than 28,000 inhabitants, situated 100 kilometers from Hamburg, is the biggest one in Schleswig-Holstein, with two 26m high minarets. It was inuagurated in the fall of 2009."

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And here's a short video:

One party which absolutely welcomed the decision to allow the muezzin's call were the Rendsburger Gruene, the Greens. While it is certainly true that all over Europe, the greatest facilitators of islamization are socialists, the greens show barely less enthusiasm - perhaps they are so enamored with islam because they share with it the same color. It is no coincidence that the National Chairman of the German Greens is... a Turk and self-described "secular muslim", Cem Ozdemir. But perhaps the most striking case in point of the affiliation between greens and muslims remains a 2008 incident involving a Green Party spokesperson in Hause, a district of Frankfurt, central Germany. The district there was already home to two mosques, and yet another muslim association wanted to erect a third one, including a muslim community center... this within a 400-meter radius of the other two. Estimated cost: €3 million. When indigenous Germans protested at a meeting concerning the building plans that "It wouldn't feel like home anymore if more come here", the Green Party spokeswoman AND Frankurts Integration Official (!!!), Nargess Eskandari-Gruenberg, blasted back that:

"40 percent of the city's population are immigrants. "If that doesn't suit you," she said, "then you need to move somewhere else."

Oh yeah, never mind her liberal western looks. It's all taqiyyah you know.

Sadly, these are no isolated cases. Currently, 184 new mosques are being built and/or planned throughout Germany. That's basically, all of a sudden, a 115% increase over the existing 163 mosques [apart from that, there are also an estimated 2,600 prayer rooms - MFBB].

Powerful organizations behind this sudden building frenzy are DITIB and Ahmadiyya. DITIB is actually a branch of the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs, and is on its maps already dividing up Germany in religious entities not unlike Christian dioceses. Ahmadiyya is an organization totally apart from DITIB, but no less ambitious, since it has introduced a "100 Mosque Plan" - of which 25% has already been completed!

But back to our Rendsburger muezzin. If the gullible mayor thinks that the call to prayer won't exceed 40 decibels, I have another bridge across the Kiel Canal to sell him. The naivete of those people is really striking, especially in light of the undisputable fact that muslims don't give a jolt about kafir laws. Time and again, muslims do not honor their part of the bargain. Building perscriptions are violated, payment deadlines aren't met, and agreed on transparancy is not provided. Some examples:

"Under the pretext of religious privilege, the DITIB strategists in Cologne have in truth claimed the rights to a commercial center that also happens to include the opportunity to pray. A Muslim community in Berlin's Neukölln district also wanted to take its cue from Cologne and construct an immense commercial and cultural center. But at least the planners there, as the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung recognized, only described the structure as being a "semi-mosque."

That plan, however, failed in the face of the strong opposition of Deputy Mayor and District Councilwoman Stefanie Vogelsang of the conservative Christian Democrats. Her awareness of the issue had been heightened by a conflict with DITIB a few years earlier, when the organization deliberately violated its building permits during the construction of a new mosque in the same neighborhood.

By the time construction had been completed, the mosque's two minarets rose 37 meters into the Berlin skyline rather than the approved 28 meters and the dome measured around 22 meters instead of the permitted 18. For Vogelsang that was cause enough to slap the Muslim congregation with the highest fine ever imposed in her district, €100,000. "Whoever lives here, whoever builds here, needs to follow our laws," she said"...."

And so on and so on and so on...

So, if you think this guy, Hasan Unsal, the muezzin of the Rendsburg mosque...

... will stick to the 40 decibel limit when trying to wake up his co-religionists at five in the morning... you're probably one of those people who are still convinced the Himalaya's glaciers will all be gone by 2035. Meanwhile...

Mosque in Duisburg, in the Ruhr area

The "Tabakmoschee" in Dresden

The planned Sendlinger mosque in Muenchen

"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers..." - Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish PM

And so in Germany an army of 4 million mainly Turkish muslims, up from a couple of tens of thousands one hundred years ago, is building their barracks, with domes like helmets and minarets like bayonets, although they rather strike me as somewhat more modern weaponry. Meanwhile, the pathetic remnant of 200,000 Christians in Turkey itself, down from several million one hundred years ago, is not allowed to build churches. A telling statistic is provided by the Churches of the Byzantine rite, of which there were twenty-nine. Their current state: 4 are in ruins, 3 have been converted into museums, 15 have been converted into a mosques, one has been completely demolished and a new mosque has been built on top. In six of them, Christian Mass is still being held. But for how long?

One more thing.

The mayor of Rendsburg, Andreas Breitner, is a member of the SPD, the German socialists.

But. I suspect. That you suspected that already.


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