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That didn't take long. As anyone who follows the international news even remotely knows, the Dutch Cabinet, a coalition of Christian Democrats (CDA - ChristenUnie) and Socialists (PvdA), has fallen over the question whether or not to prolong the Dutch NATO mission in Afghanistan. Over the past few years, the Netherlands has had some 2,000 military personnel in that country, of which the ground arm - some infantry battalions, mechanized howitzers, mortar units and several Apache helicopters - was engaged in Uruzgan province, and the air arm - first six, then four F-16 fighter bombers - in Kandahar. Unlike the bulk of NATO members, the Dutch had no caveats regarding the deployment of their troops, were often in the thick of the fight, and suffered accordingly: at least 21 dead so far and scores of wounded, many of them maimed for life. NATO and the US wanted the Netherlands to prolong the Dutch mission beyond August 2010 - a departure date the Dutch had been predicting for some time. The Christian Democrats under PM Jan-Peter Balkenende viewed the request favorably. The socialists of the PvdA, under the leadership of Wouter Bos, also the country's Finance Minister, were adamant and did not want to stay in the government if Balkenende insisted on staying the course in Afghanistan. Thus happened. So last Saturday, Balkenende had no choice but to offer Queen Beatrix the resignation of his cabinet.

Guess who's glad?



Rotterdam, February 24. The Dutch withdrawal from Uruzgan is "a very good decision".

It is "just and truthful that the Dutch people understand that they don't need to give their lives for America's goals", says Qari Yuousef Ahmadi, spokesman for the Taliban for South Afghanistan", in a telephonic conversation with this newspaper [NRC Handelsblad - MFBB].

The Afghan Taliban have two 'official' spokespersons, who claim attacks and provide the media with commentary on the NATO mission and the Afghan government. It is unclear how they keep contact with the Quetta-shura, the Taliban leadership allegedly having its headquarters in the Pakistani city of Quetta.

Ahmadi calls on "other countries that lose lives for American purposes" in Afghanistan to "follow the way of the Dutch". The Netherlands is the first of the 43 countries participating in NATO's mission in Afghanistan to withdraw. "The Dutch have realised: we have no profit here, our objectives do not lie in this country, so why would we sacrifice ourselves?" says the spokesperson.

Guess who's sad?

Asadullah Hamdam, the governor of the Afghan province of Uruzgan, where the Dutch mission is based, told the BBC that peace and reconstruction efforts would suffer a setback if the Dutch troops left.

"They help our security forces a great deal in security matters here," said Mr Hamdam told the BBC. "In many districts they work together with the Afghan National Army, and they help in developmental projects.

"They are constructing bridges, schools, roads and assisting in many other educational projects."

As I have often ascertained on these pages, in the struggle between the west and the islamic world, there are but two options. The first is that the west tries to implement the values and mechanisms in the hellhole and sub-standard-everything-humanly-worthwhile that is the muslim world. We should not hope for them to become like us, but if we can steer them to some semblance of economic prosperity and can convince them to solve their problems in what passes for parliaments there, instead of caving each other's heads in, I would consider that a HUGE victory. If anything, better economic prospects may make it less attractive for their 18-40 years old to self-detonate. And maybe, just maybe, a daily life less desperate may encourage 'enlightened' (read less fanatic) scholars to define a less bloodthirsty version of their moon cult.

The second option is an all-out war between the muslim world and the rest of humanity, lest the latter be not infected over time with the cancer that constitutes the former.

In my not so humble opinion, the first option is the best. There is no guarantee it will work out, since islam is "the strongest retrograde force in the world", as a famous British politican once remarked. But because the alternative is so terrible, option 1 should at least be tried. In Iraq, it worked, or, at least, we did our part of the bargain. A strong indigenous military apparatus guards the young republic. Democratic principles leave an awful lot to be desired, the christian population has rarely had it worse, but personally, I'd counsel some years of patience yet to let them sort their things out. If the sane part of humanity comes to an inevitable conclusion a few years hence, no one can blame us for not having tried to hammer sense in islamic heads.

The Dutch now running away in Afghanistan, at this stage, nullifies all the good that came from their involvement. Nursing generations of muslim girls to school for example, with hopefully bening effects on Afghan policy in years to come, is now being flushed through the toilet. And because of who and what?

Why, because of the socialists of course. Had it not been for the man below, Wouter Bos, Uruzgan would continue to receive Dutch support and protection. Dutch soldiers would have kept islamic fanatics at bay.

Instead, Bos is pandering to the islamic fanatics at home. You see him here with a thoroughly brainwashed young muslim girl, Azeza Morcy, on a PvdA congress a couple of months back.

Dutch socialists should pursue a policy that keeps a battle involving howitzers and Apaches 8,000 kloms away from their mills and canals... simultaneously, on the homefront, they should stand up for everything that we hold so dear, especially our freedom... Instead, they cut and run in Afghanistan, and pander to the fanatics at home. Below Lodewijk Asscher, a prominent socialist in Amsterdam. As you can conclude from Mr. Asscher's campaign poster, his integration efforts in Turkistan on the North Sea proceed very well.

Campaign poster exclusively in Turkish. Gee, are Piet and Klaas and Johanna not interesting anymore Lodewijk?

Campaigning for the upcoming elections with a trusted aide and/or mentor, one of his New Adopted People.

Congratulations asshole! You have made it to the pages of Hurriyet, the no.1 Turkish Newspaper! You succeed summa cum laude for the Dhimmi Integration Test!

And so The Netherlands sink away in the multicultural quagmare. In Afghanistan the Dutch cut and run in the face of bearded medieval wifebeaters and headchoppers who couldn't possibly imagine what a toilet pot is for except for washing papaver poppies. At home they slither in the mud and whore for votes to please their future muslim overlords, who shit on everything the socialists have been so gung ho about for decades.

"If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." -- Winston Churchill

My condolences to the relatives of the Dutch soldiers who fell in Afghanistan, and my heartfelt wishes for the best for those wounded there.


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