Thursday, January 07, 2010


NASA's Terra satellite captured the UK on January 7, as it was coping with a shitload of Global Warming:

The clouds you see have a silver lining though: PM Gordon Brown has suggested to cut Britain's carbon dioxide emissions with 42% by 2020. The estimated £500 billion this scheme entails will ruin the UK's economy, but that's a small price to pay for preventing those precious glaciers from melting.

France's famous landmark the Mont Saint-Michel is now also accessible on foot when it's high tide:

Germany expects the Mother of all Snowstorms the coming weekend. 40cm snow is expected in the south and east. Biggest problem's going to be the wind however, which may heap up the white powder in veritable snow dunes.

In Poland, on January 4 the tally of people frozen dead had reached 122, and the country's main stream, the Vistula, is frozen over.

And in Belgium, Outlaw Mike hopes the fuel oil truck can make it up the slippery hill where he lives.

Nite all!


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