Saturday, December 26, 2009


First a 2006 number from Northern Irish/Scottish band Snow Patrol, a group formed in 1994 by Gary Lightbody, Michael Morrison and Mark McClelland. It wasn't until they moved to a major label, Polydor Records, that they started to have a degree of success, with the 2003 album Final Straw. The big breakthrough internationally came with 2006's Eyes Open, from which the hit Chasing Cars was drawn - you may remember it from the Grey's Anatomy series. Totally inexplicably, the number Shut Your Eyes seems not to have ticked in the Anglosaxon world, or else I'm gravely mistaken. Here it is:

Back 40 years in time, when The Rolling Stones released the album Aftermath. The following immortal single, Lady Jane, is unique for the haunting sound of the Appalachian dulcimer, a fretted string instrument of the zither family. It typically comes with three or four strings, and has a body the length of the fingerboard. You can see them here. Not long after Lady Jane, the band member playing it, Brian Jones, would begin his slow sinking away in drug and alcohol abuse, which would end so tragically with his death in 1969.

But they sure had nice décolletés in the eighteenth century. Old Old Old Fogey Time wasn't all that bad.


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