Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Via François Desouche, appalling stories of what is happening daily all over France...

*Var: ten youths arrested. They are suspected of being the perpetrators of a series of deliberate arsons at Brignoles and at Val, which destroyed more than forty vehicles, three buses and about fifty garbage containers. While waiting for their trial, scheduled for 10 February 2010, the four majors were placed under house arrest, to avoid the risk of being subjected to "pressure". The six minors, aged between 14 and 17, have been led before a judge for minors who had placed them under judicial control. Several months of investigation have been necessary for the police being able to identify the perpetrators.

Photobucket* Wattrelos: a hellish night in the Vieille-Place neighorhood. On 19 November, the torching of one car led to a domino effect setting several more cars on fire as well as a gas supply tube. Result: six cars totally demolished, three houses severely damaged. "It was a genuine fireworks display", said a resident. Faced with endemic criminality, the autochtons can't take it no more: "Every two days there's cars set on fire", an exhausted local fulminates.

* Tours: a hot night at Rives-du-Cher. Last Wednesday, the storage depot for waste bins of a HLM building was ravaged by the flames during the evening. The fumes climbed to the eighth floor. "In my twenty years of living here, it's the first time I see a fire of such magnitude", says the building's guard. During the night, two vehicles and a bus stall were equally destroyed. Exhausted, numerous indigenous Frenchmen don't hide anymore the fact that they can't take it no more as well as their intention to "leave the neighborhood".

Read this article if you want to know more about the desperate situation of the indigenous French in Rives-du-Cher. Ethnic cleansing by muslims, in full swing where once Charles Martel beat the invading muslims.

Unlike a gazillion other places in France, the Champs Elysées was lucky after the victory of Algeria over Egypt in a soccer match in Sudan. All that happened was:


« França frança m’ta3na », « Sarkouzi 7imaroun », voilà les slogans qui se mêlaient aux cris de joie et de victoire des supporters de l’équipe d’Algérie.»

Translation: "France is ours! Sarkozy is a donkey!"

Sad spectacle in Marseille every Friday afternoon. François Desouche again:

... Every Friday, streets in the center of Marseille are completely forbidden for cars and passersby, and this completely without authorization of the town council, to permit muslims to pray in public and listen to sermons in arabic relayed by loudspeakers..."


"La rue Recolettes est ainsi interdite aux non-musulmans et même aux non-priants ainsi que la rue perpendiculaire jusqu'au Cour Belsace..."

Translation: "Recolette street is forbidden for non-muslims and even for those [muslims] who do not pray, as well as in the perpendicular street leading to the Cour Belsace..."

A gruseome nightmare is engulfing Europe.


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