Friday, October 09, 2009


No, I will not elaborate on the Nobel Peace Prize for Hussein. First, others do that for me. Second, it makes me sick. If anything, it shows the now near total bankruptcy of that once great and admirable institution. Nuff said.

Instead, I think I'd do better to quickly shed some light on the now daily deteriorating situation of Europes islamization, and this by means of just three topics randomly picked from a couple of newssites.

1°) I have briefly touched upon the subject of violent behaviour of primarily young muslims in Europes cities during the so-called "peaceful" season of ramadan. While the ramadan season is indeed getting more violent with every passing year, the turmoil is certainly not limited to that particular timeframe. Here's some German footage of what is happening in Berlin neighborhoods such as Wedding on a daily basis. Oh, and if you needed still further proof that the islamization of Europe is facilitated by the left, notice that the young Turks operate often together with extreme leftist Antifa thugs.

And even in light of the appalling situation, you still find the lucicrous fools, as evidenced by the video above, who want to solve the problem with even more "social workers".

2°) Then there is this topic here, a German publisher, Felix Droste, refrains from publishing a book dealing with the ever increasing problem of honour killings... out of fear for retaliations from muslims:

A German book publisher has canceled a novel about Islamic "honor killings," fearing that the book would offend the Muslim community and put him in danger. Critics of the decision call it a cowardly move, but others say the publisher is simply being responsible.

The publisher of the book, which was to have been titled "To Whom Honor is Due," has indicated that he withdrew the book after an expert on Islam warned that some of the passages could spark violent retaliation from Muslims.

"After the Muhammad cartoons, one knows that one can't publish sentences or drawings that defame Islam without expecting a security risk," Felix Droste, of Droste Verlag publishing, told the German newspaper Der Spiegel last week. He referred to a series of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that were published in Denmark in 2005 and sparked deadly violence across the Muslim world.

What a fucking PANSY...

3°) Finally there's this:

French Police Arrest Hadron Collider Physicist for Suspected Link to Al Qaeda
Friday, October 09, 2009

GENEVA — A nuclear physicist working at the world's largest atom smasher has been arrested on suspicion of links to the Algerian branch of Al Qaeda, another blow to a project that has been plagued by glitches and was shut down after a massive electrical failure a year ago.

The scientist, arrested in France, is suspected of having links to Al Qaeda's North African offshoot, which has carried out a deadly campaign against security forces in recent months, a French official said Friday...

My God, what a madhouse.

Good night.


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