Saturday, June 27, 2009


The Stranglers were instrumental in bringing punk rock to the UK, although you wouldn't say so for a lot of their songs. They originated in 1974 in Guildford, Surrey, southeast of London, a place a much younger Outlaw Mike passed through all alone on a bike ride after finishing high school in the blessed year of 1984. Wonderful memories by the way. Passed the tea clipper Cutty Sark on the way back through Greenwich, where at that time it had been berthed for thirty years. Anyway... here's "All day and all of the night", a cover from The Kinks:

... I will always like Golden Brown. Even young and naive and far less proficient in Englis, I suspected it had a lot to do with funny sntuff you sniff thru your nose. Cool video imho.

A far darker number is La Folie, sung in Fwench. This number is the result of Jean-Jacques Burnel's insistence on producing a French sung hit. It didn't tick in the UK, where it reached #47, or elsewhere. It did with me, but then, well, I was born and raised practically on the fault line between the latin and germanic cultures, in an ancient Flemish town a stone's throw away from Wallonia, and French is actually my second language, more in fact so than English. I think you really got to have your brain wired partly in French to enjoy a song like La Folie. I will post it anyway because of the fond memories. I also think this really is an essential Strangler's song.

Oh f*ck. "Embedding disabled by request". Wasn't so last week. Then some lighter stuff: Always the sun.

It seems to me that when Hugh Cornwell left in 1990, The Stranglers stopped producing hits.


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