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Working on that euro elections update, did not get it ready. In the meantime, savor Takuan Seiyo's twelfth installment. WARNING. You may not like everything he writes. But I think he's a goddam genius:

"... Leviathan is the Hebrew word for a giant sea creature, a whale (e.g. Jonah 1:17-2:10 KJV). Leviathan is also the title of a book by Thomas Hobbes, published in 1651, and the name Hobbes gives to a society based on the social contract. In exchange for security and order, individuals relinquish their native freedoms to a giant aggregate entity that assumes the absolute responsibility for their defense and welfare.

Hobbes’s Leviathan was embodied in the absolute monarch, but the modern democratic state is an even bigger Leviathan. Snatcher State maintains an ornate façade of constitutionality and rule of law, and makes a show of maintaining its side of the social contract. But it maintains that contract not with the signatory population.


Under the “Disparate Impact” doctrine, American employers are prevented from hiring based on competence, because minorities often cannot pass competence tests. Regardless of merit, if members of a “protected class” are selected at a rate less than four fifths (80%) of that of another group [read “white males”], the employer is subject to harassment and legal proceedings by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, currently employing 2200 persons, soon to go up to 3,000.

An employer cannot refuse to hire convicted felons, because a disproportionate ratio (13) of them is black, hence the refusal would have “disparate impact.” Customer Service employees of major American companies talk incomprehensibly, because a suitable screening policy would have a “disparate impact” on the protected class of nonwhite immigrants. And since requiring a down payment and a good credit score would have a “disparate impact” on black and brown minorities, American banks were forced to waive such requirements. Thus was the sub-prime mortgage born, leading to the unraveling of the American banking industry, and of America itself.

Moreover, Leviathan does all it can to transfer the levers of power to the clients themselves, particularly in jurisprudence, so that the punishment Body Snatchers yearn for in their erotic dreams can proceed ever more directly, by Nashist minorities in black robes, determined to avenge colonialism, “racism”, “inequality” or God’s stinginess with their own modest intellectual gifts that made them feel inferior at Yale or Oxford.

President Obama, a former constitutional law professor who has never published a single page about the law, singled out, as U.S. senator, empathy as the quality most desirable in judges. Fittingly, he has just nominated a racial spoils empathy queen (14) to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s main qualification for that position at the pinnacle of America’s power hierarchy seems to be her activist background as a fanatic Latina partisan using the judicial bench to sock it to whitey. According to her, policy is made [i.e. “empathy” applied] at the courts of appeal, and “A wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

As an appeals judge, Sotomayor has been a champion of the “disparate impact” doctrine. In Hayden v. Pataki, she wrote that felons doing time in prison should be allowed to vote because, Blacks and Latinos constituting a disproportionate share of the prison population, the denial of felons’ voting rights would be “race-based.” In Ricci v. DeStefano, she dismissed with one paragraph the racial discrimination lawsuit of 20 white firefighters against the city of New Haven, Conn. The city had thrown out the results of two Fire Department promotion tests that the plaintiffs had passed, because no black applicants had passed.

According to a dissenting judge, “The single-paragraph order issued by Sotomayor and her colleagues ignored over 1,800 pages of testimony and more than an hour of argument -- ignoring the facts of the case.” But a Washington Times editorial pinned the ruinous swindle on a higher figure:

“Barack Obama's legacy is coming sharply into focus,” wrote Wesley Pruden. “He's out to transform ‘a nation of laws,’ once the pride of the Anglo-Saxon heritage and exemplar to the world, into ‘a nation of feelings.’ We won't need judges, just social workers damp with empathy”.

The looters’ coalition

The way it works, the looters build up the Body Snatchers, and the Body Snatchers reward the looters with access to the spoils of power. Thus, Harry Reid, one of the biggest looters in the US Senate (e.g. here and here) has recently praised President Obama with the words, “Obama’s heart is bigger than any heart in the world.” This may well be true, and one shudders for America.

Built on the defining lameness of the Western soul, Leviathan’s forward thrust is fueled by the emotion Body Snatchers invest in the idea of the state as a dispenser of empathy, equality and protection from the white people’s wickedness. This allows Snatcher State to foray ever forward in the search for more krill, i.e. more aliens, more Muslims to import, more African refugees to save, more taxpayer-financed transgender post-ops, more oppressive laws, more racial revanchist judges, more salaried positions for Pod social engineers, more growth of the monstrous blimp, and more taxes to pay for it all.

“The Obama administration has a $3.6 trillion 2010 budget. Its 2009 deficit will be $1.841 trillion,” writes Declan McCullagh at CBS News. “A recent poll asked Americans how many million are in a trillion. 21% knew.”

In 1992, the U.S. federal, state and local government had 18.75 million (civilian) employees with a payroll of $43.1 billion. Just 14 years later, by 2006, the number of employees had grown by over 21%, to 22.75 million, and the payroll had grown by 73%, to $74.6 billion.

The average compensation per federal worker will go up by 3.5% to $75,419 in 2009, versus average compensation about 30% lower in the private sector and mounting unemployment.

On the local level, it’s the state and municipal employees’ unions whose sweetheart deals with Leviathan are the primary cause of bankruptcy for states like California and cities like New York. Even as both are raising taxes to match (with federal taxes added) the highest in Europe, the number of state employees in California has increased by more than a third since 1990, and public school janitors in New York make over $100,000 a year.

When looting by legal means is not viable, there are other means.

“Our democracy's going down the plughole with the Home Secretary's dirty bathwater”, writes Melanie Phillips. “Getting the taxpayer to reimburse them for eyeliner, plastic bags, nappies, mock Tudor beams, Maltesers, nail polish, plasma TVs, Christmas tree decorations, horse manure, bath plugs; and on and surreally on.”

Our favorite in this series, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who never saw a jihadi immigrant she didn’t like, claimed tax deductions for her husband's porn movies expenses. Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been a serial 'flipper', i.e. a practitioner of renovating one’s country estate and claiming it as the expense of maintaining one’s official little flat. MP Margaret Moran claimed £22,500 of taxpayers' money for treating dry rot in a house in Southampton, a long way from her constituency in Westminster. Communities Secretary Hazel Blears failed to pay capital gains tax on the sale of two properties -- the list is long and amusing, if it were not so indicative...."

If this undoubtedly true discourse is a tad discouraging, here's some positive news from the EU, where centre-right has generally done very well, and the left has almost everywhere suffered serious defeats. The photos shows leading personalities of the Spanish Partido Popular, Spain's conservatives, after a resounding victory over the PSOE, the Spanish Socialist Party. Small wonder. In five years, Zapatero, in an almost Obamaesque way, has severely damaged Spain's economy, with unemployment now almost at 20%.


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