Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Merciless Chronicler of the West's decline is a literary god. Exerpt, and be sure to read it all:

"Perhaps the classic tale of Body Snatcher regime’s aversion to reality transpired on 11 March 2005 in Atlanta. A 5'2", 51-year-old grandmother and sheriff's deputy, Cynthia Hall, was escorting a 6’1’, 200-lbs ex-football player and career rapist, Brian Nichols, from the county jail to the Atlanta courtroom. The hiring of Grandma Hall for what an idiot would know is a big-man-only position had been a two-fer for Fulton County, for Grandma Hall was both black and female.

As soon as Officer Hall removed Nichols’s handcuffs before entering the courtroom, the big man assaulted her, inflicting critical injuries. He then seized her gun, shot to death a Superior Court judge, a court reporter and a sheriff’s deputy, escaped the courthouse, and then killed another person in the course of a carjacking.

This tale, if not the deaths involved, would make a good Keystone Cops movie. But under the circumstances, it can serve as a metaphor for the suicidal madness that causes Body Snatcher society to self-terminate.

It’s a spiraling madness too. San Francisco, as we relayed in Part 7, has one-upped Atlanta by appointing a 5’ Chinese lesbian as its Chief of Police. It’s a trifecta that shall remain unequalled until some branch of America’s law and security enforcement apparatus recruits a Samoan lesbian paraplegic to serve as the commander of its elite tactical unit.

America is not alone in this epidemic of spongiform diversititis. We have looked previously at the pregnant Spanish Minister of Defense and evoked Fjordman’s sketches of the Scandinavian dhimmi gyneocracy, and Tiberge’s of France receding before the people it used to push back since Charles Martel. Then there is Lord Ahmed, and Antwerp’s deputy mayor who wants to convert unused churches into mosques, and the Israeli academics who see the lack of rape of Arab women by Jews as proof of Jewish racism.

The virus is pitiless and catholic, though limited to the (previously) white West alone. In Sweden, there is a plague of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants. As Muslim immigrants in Malmö increased to 25% of the population, the number of rapes tripled. The Rosengård area is largely no-go even for the Swedish police.

But the authorities blame the rapes on warm weather, alcohol, Internet dating sites and increase in reporting rape. Fjordman quotes a leading Swedish journalist, Helle Klein, “If the debate is [about] that there are problems caused by refugees and immigrants, we don’t want it.”

Muslims immigrants and their unassimilable descendants are projected to become the majority in Sweden in 40 years. Helle Klein is female and Jewish. By the time Ms. Klein wants to debate problems caused by refugees and immigrants, not only her country but perhaps she personally will have already been crash-tested by Reality. Debate will no longer be an option, only submission.

Male-dominated societies like China and Russia aggressively threaten the West’s vital interest, and Islamic patriarchal primitives ravage it from without and within, but the West is busy feminizing itself further, confusing its genders, importing tribal aliens, pussyfooting with jihad, negotiating in good faith with masters of taquiah, enforcing gender and race quotas to elevate non-deserving and incompetent nonwhites or non-males, lying to itself outrageously about innate group differences, and generally ripping itself apart in pursuit of a profound and delusionary fraud."

This week, as I drove back to the office from a job in Hoboken, near Antwerp, I stopped two thirds of the way home in the town of Aalst, pop. 50,000, for measuring up some damage done to a client's installation by some unforeseen event. I get out of my car - in a hurry, 'cause I had to be at 4.30pm tops in the office for a meeting with a fella who's going to draft a financial plan for an enterprise of mine - so like I said, I got out of my car on a parking lot near my client's apartment - and the first one I see is a muslim woman, the second one I see a muslim man, and the first language I hear is arabic.

The day before that I hop in between chores by my barber, and as I sit in the barber's chair I ask his wife whether they aren't bothered by islamic extremists. Her neighborhood, an alley behind the church, now boasts several muslim households and three houses higher up one of their houses sports aggressive posters denouncing the 'genocide' Israel is waging in Gaza. Another poster shouts "Arrêtons la boucherie" (Stop the slaughter). There are also some cartoons depicting jews as killers and exxagerating their ethnic characteristics. So I ask the woman if these nice folks disturb her. She says no. No, they leave everyone alone. No troubles. This family in the house three numbers higher up lives there with their BUNCH OF KIDS [emphasis mine - plus my barber has ONE kid, a son]. But one thing is strange she says. Two years ago, the woman dressed like another western female. Then last year she started wearing a hijab.


Only conservatism can save us.

But I suppose I get to understand how it feels to stand in a thin red line.

Oh well. At least I still have my pride.


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