Saturday, May 23, 2009


Relatively cool video from German electropop band Rheingold. They were a typical Neue Deutsche Welle band, a short-lived German music phenomenon (ca. 1976-1984) which can best be branded as the German version of New Wave, with some punk added for spice. Rheingold, consisting of Bodo Staiger (vocals, guitar), Lothar Manteuffel (lyrics) and Brigitte Kunze (keyboard) had a smash hit in 1980 with Dreiklangsdimensionen:

Kraftwerk is the only German "rock" band that comes to mind when it comes to ones having a degree of success outside Germany. Despite its use of synthesizers, electronic percussion and even computer-generated vocals, the band was never really a part of the NDW. They had a hit in the UK and the Low Countries with The Model, a single drawn from the 1981 album Computer World:

I guess I'm boring our handful of German readers to hell with posting these videos here, given that they were turned grey in die Heimat, but Verzeihung meine Damen und Herren, wir muessen die Angelsachsen doch schauen dass es so auch noch etwas anderes gibt als ihre Schlagers, nichtwahr?


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