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Over at The Brussels Journal, the incomparable Takuan Seiyo has had his tenth installment in the From Meccania to Atlantis series up for more than a week now, but I feel I still just have to link to him. As per usual, his deep insight in Europes pathology and his eloquence in diagnosing the cancer raging throught the old continent blows you away:

...The problem is that they have the rest of Western society in tow. And the proof of how close this society has been towed to the edge is that ethnoconservative parties like Geert Wilders’s PVV, the Flemish VB, the Swiss SVP and FPS, and civic associations like Pro-Köln and Cities Against Islamization have been waging a valiant and often-losing fight for every inch of ground for over 20 years now, and still suffer stones and brickbats from the very people they are trying to save. In addition, Western patriots have spent millions of uncompensated man-hours pro bono to enlighten their peoples about the folly of suicide-by-Muslim-immigration. They run webzines and conferences and write for blogs like Brussels Journal, Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, View from the Right, or burn midnight oil to write books. This can even take the form of desperate appeals like this. All to little effect, so far.

Why is all this necessary? How could massive Muslim colonization have happened on the continent where monumental battles –-Toulouse (721), Tours (732), 750 years of the Iberian Reconquista, Manzikert (1071), Kosovo (1389 and 1448), Lepanto (1571), Chocim (1621 and 1673) and Vienna (1683) – had been fought for 1000 years to halt Muslim colonization? How can this be when there have been hundreds of additional such battles, and heroes such as Marco Antonio Bragadin whose name once every European schoolboy knew?

A case of collective amnesia so profound that it would allow for the influx of tens of millions of Muslims and the rise of Islam on this continent, that would lead to planned political unions with Turkey and the Maghreb, is no trifling matter.

Jihad is not the cause. It’s a symptom. Aggressively separatist Muslim communities in the West are not the cause. They are a symptom.

The symptom, in the West, is as old as the Goths and the Huns. But the disease is as old as the end of the Roman Empire, and before that, the Babylonian one. Flowering followed by decadence, followed by a partial population replacement with imported barbarians, followed by chaos, internal war, and wilting.

Addressing the solipsistic degeneracy of the American Empire and the despairing self-asphyxiation of post-national Europe are a precondition for disposing of the symptom. Fighting the symptom as if it were disembodied cannot bring cure, since the body’s maimed autoimmune system recognizes Islam and Muslims as its own, and its own – the anti-Islamization dissident – as the invading disease.

It should be none of our business whether Muhammad was a pedophile, nor should we be digging for damning quotes in the Koran or making damning movies about Islam. That we do so is the normal and spontaneous reaction of the scant remains of Western society’s nearly atrophied autoimmune system. It’s the autoimmune rejection of a foreign and deeply incompatible substance, forcibly injected into the West’s body as though phenol into a vein by the West’s insane ruling shamans.

Islam is everything bad its critics say it is. But one who has visited extensively in Muslim countries – and I have – returns home from some of them wishing he’d been able to import some of their features. Consider this:

- Which Muslim country is sick enough to encourage immigration by Christians, let alone welfare-consuming Christians, subsidize Christian churches, cower before Christian dissidents who despise their host society and its religion?

- Which Muslim head of state or potentate is so gelded as to state that if enough of his state’s subjects want to institute Christian (or just Western) jurisprudence instead of the law of the land, he sees no reason to object?

- Which Muslim country is lunatic enough to adopt on a wide scale the prima facie madness of denying the most obvious truths about racial, gender and cultural differences – and spending trillions (in euros, dollars, anything) to build a sham palace of cards in public education, employment and immigration based on those mad presuppositions?

- Which Muslim society is stupid enough to fail to understand how profoundly it differs from the West and from the West’s “infidel?” Which is ravaged by the Western virus to such an extent it fails to understand that its identity, its soul, depends on a vigilant rejection of the West’s culture and values, while recognizing that its economic wellbeing depends on playing a game of cooperation?

- Find a single Muslim head of state who goes out of his way to explain that Christianity is the religion of peace, and that Crusader really means someone who likes to cruise.

- Show me a Muslim country crazy enough to place its foreign relations, security and military matters in the hands of women, or to put women in the combat units of its military.

- Take a walk on the beach in Qatar or Abu Dhabi at 2 AM, and observe how a crowd of families with little children picnics happily and safely under the open skies. Then go back to Marseille or Rotterdam, Coney Island or Santa Monica, bring your wife and kids and two sets of old parents for a 2 AM picnic on the beach, and see what happens.

This does not imply that Islam is the cure for the West’s ills. The West has its own nonpareil system of recognizing and acknowledging reality. It’s called empiricism. The West had its own immune mechanism, its own unequalled culture, its own historical laboratory where the tried turned true. And all these were better than what Islam offers.

But we have allowed our own ruling elites to destroy these mechanisms here, whereas the Muslims preserved theirs. Some measure of respect is called for, concomitant with recognizing how indispensable it is that the West shake off its entire Mad Legume top layer...

So... I apologize for posting yet another story warning of the deadly muslim danger invading my continent, but I feel I have to. There are LOTS of interesting stories out there and I would love to comment on them... there are hot topics on politics, economy, history, culture ans what not... but in the absence of time, forced to a paucity of subjects, I feel I must just concentrate on what is essential.

Europes politicans are DESTROYING our continent. Through insane immigration and so-called integration policies, the "intellectual" justification of which is rooted in a morbid and intellectually dishonest ideology of perceived guilt over what the white race has done to the planet and its other occupants, they are literally replacing the indigenous population with barbarian newcomers, while encouraging the natives to stop procreating. Immigration ministers KEEP insisting we need to allow more muslim immigrants while anyone with half a brain realizes that importing more unqualified welfare recipients will not answer the industry's, let alone society's, manpower needs. Simultaneously, after having put into place legislation allowing the murder of tens of millions of European babies and non-offspring producing forms of relationships, the newest dada among Europes mostly leftist elites (and many if not most centrists and "rightwingers" have unfortunatley swallowed a larger part of the leftist phantasmagoria than they would ever want to admit) is that couples should limit having children because of the burden put on our planet.

We have to STOP THEM.


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