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Our friends over at Gates of Vienna posted a telling - and touching - video made by the German Pro Koeln movement [Pro Cologne - MFBB], an organization of brave, utterly decent, concerned German citizens who are opposing the shameless islamization and unbridled immigration in their beautiful ancient city by peaceful, democratic means. This video is so good I just felt I had to post it here too. Not for nothing is it sometimes referred to as the German "Fitna", although its full title is "Hat Pro Koeln doch Recht?" [Is not For Cologne Right? - MFBB]. This is part one:

And here is part two. Don't miss it either, these videos are very, very good:

At the time I failed to report on it, what with the frantic presidential campaigning in the States, but... on September 20th, 2008, in a move not unlike the harassment of a peaceful gathering by Vlaams Belang representatives in 2007 in Brussels - a harassment on the orders of the socialist mayor of Brussels Freddy Thielemans - the mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma, did his utmost "best", too, to stop decent, contributing, caring and law-abiding people from exercising their democratic right to hold a protest march. What they got was official sabotage, physical violence at the hands of antifa thugs, dirty smears and deceitful coverage by the mainstream media and a scandalous, indifferent non-performance by the Cologne police. I would therefore like people to get acquainted with the face of this scoundrel - a scumbag like Schramma has to know he's being watched:


Fritz Schramma, mayor of Cologne

In case you think Outlaw Mike is overreacting (again), you should know a thing or two about Schramma. Not only has his tenure been characterized by numerous scandals, abuse of power, and gross incompetence, this man, of all people, labored heavily to get a Grand Mosque to Koeln... an endeavour ultimately "crowned" with the granting of a building licence to DITIB, the overseeing muslim organization and PART OF THE TURKISH MINISTRY OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS!!! Yes indeed, contrary to what you would think, Schramma is NOT a socialist, at least not officially. No, he's a Christian Democrat, or let's just say he claims to be. In light of his overfriendly and zealous cooperation with DITIB (go ahead, check out that sign and how they proudly display a succession of minaret-crowned mosques thoughout Germany), the fact that he is a member of the CDU - the Christlich-Demokratische Union - is all the more painful. For most muslims in Germany are TURKS, and the prosecution of Christians in Turkey is an appalling, merciless phenomenon that has resulted in that country's Christian community to shrink from 22 percent of the population in 1900... to under 0.3% TODAY. And even this pitiful remnant is subject to severe attacks. Check out this video:

Taking this terrible reciprocity into account - DITIB orchestrating the building of tens of high profile mosques in Germany against the demolishing of churches and tortuous death of Christianity in Turkey - can you imagine, can you just imagine, that a prominent "Christian Democrat" like Fritz Schramma.... has been cooperating intensively with a branch of the Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs... to get this megamosque in Cologne built??? After all that has been done, and is still being done on a daily basis, to batter the last remaining Turkish christians into oblivion???

Back in September 2008, this dog had the nerve to call the members of the Pro Koeln movement "a dirty clique of euro fascists". Yet it was they who were subject to fascist tactics: physical violence, vicious attacks in regime friendly media outlets, even refusal in hotels and conference centers...

...and yet Pro Koeln carried on. Carries on. Because on May 9th already, a second Anti-Islamization Congress will take place in Cologne. Preceded by a protest march which will take place already this weekend, on April 11. And as you can see from the poster, pro Koeln's chairman, Markus Beisicht, is candidate for Cologne's mayoral seat:

Dare I say that oh so slowly, all across Europe, people are waking up? I dare not say it yet. Ignorance is still bliss among the masses who are deliberately spoonfed a mixture of stupid "reality" show, ridiculous soaps, and outright false news reports. Media and politicians alike are doing everything in their might to hide the spreading cancer from view as best as they can. When I (half)jokingly remarked to a bright young staff member in my bank that I would depart their bank as soon as I found out they were offering sharia banking, she looked at me with a blank stare and asked what "sharia" was! However, among those in the know - and their numbers are slowly increasing - something is stirring. You can feel it in The Netherlands, where a popular rightwing TV station - a first in Holland - is about to get on the air. You can feel it in Great Britain, that suddenly seems to have spawned a promising conservative icon, Daniel Hannan, whose scathing Gordon Brown-demolishing speech has become an internet sensation overnight. You can feel it in Austria, were a newly to be built mosque in Nenzing, Vorarlberg, cannot have a dome or minaret. And you can certainly sense it in Cologne, Germany, where Pro Koeln is slowly gaining strength. With a 1,000 year history of succesfully resisting the muslim onslaught and an unimaginable heritage to protect, Europe simply cannot afford to fail where our ancestor succeeded. In the words of Filip Dewinter:

"Europe is a continent of belfrys and cathedrals, not of mosques and minarets!"


Indeed. The picture above shows the Koelner Dom - Cologne Cathedral, Germany's largest cathedral, a dazzling poem in stone, described by UNESCO as an "exceptional work of human creative genius".

What amazing treasures do we have.

Do we have to protect.


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