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As we all know by now, a Dutch court in Amsterdam has ordered prosecutors to put Geert Wilders, the chairman of the rightwing Partij voor Vrijheid (PVV - Party for Freedom) on trial for making "anti-Islamic statements". Which anti-Islamic statements? First, his 2008 15-minute film "Fitna". Second, calling the Quran a fascist book (in addition, Wilders proposed the Quran be banned). The argumentation of the Dutch court was that:

"In a democratic system, hate speech is considered so serious that it is in the general interest to... draw a clear line."

Shit and baloney, of course. What we have here is a trio of leftist judges:

a.) with brains so hopelessly fucked up that they actually believe they are doing The Netherlands a favor by raping the country's century-old tradition of freedom of speech.

b.) shitting in their pants and groveling in the dirt for their muslim overlords

The brave reactions of the usual mavericks notwithstanding (Vlaams Belang, Wilders himself and his party, an isolated columnist here and there), the deafening silence of Europes MSM with regards to the umpteenth assault on a key democratic feature was once again appaling. I do appreciate very much the sharp-edged rebuke by the Wall Street Journal, but at the same time it saddens me that for MSM reactions like this one has to look across the Atlantic:

"The court yesterday overruled this decision [an earlier decision not to prosecute Wilders - MFBB], arguing that the lawmaker should be prosecuted for "inciting hatred and discrimination" and also "for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and Nazism." This is no small victory for Islamic regimes seeking to export their censorship laws to wherever Muslims reside. But the successful integration of Muslims in Europe will require that immigrants adapt to Western norms, not vice versa. Limiting the Dutch debate of Islam to standards acceptable in, say, Saudi Arabia, will only shore up support for Mr. Wilders's argument that Muslim immigration is eroding traditional Dutch liberties."

It is interesing to note that the three judges argued "that they had weighed Mr Wilders’s “one-sided generalisations” against his right to free speech," and come to the conclusion "that he had gone beyond the normal leeway granted to politicians." It is therefore most surprising that on the other side of the political spectrum Geert Wilders' political opponents can get away with things that, imho, go far further beyond the "normal leeway granted to politicians." What to think e.g. about Harry Van Bommel, Dutch MP for the Socialistische Partij (SP), who participated in the violent muslim riots which took place in the first half of January all through The Netherlands following Israels incursion in Gaza. As his cronies were torching cars and busting shop windows, this fine fellow loudly chanted along "In-ti-fa-da! In-ti-fa-da!" while on the background the popular motto "Hamas! Hamas! Joden aan het Gas!" (Hamas! Hamas! Jews to the Gas!)resounded. While we are at it, listen to this audio file documenting how fine integrated muslim fellas rampage through the centre of Utrecht, shouting "Allahu Akbar", "Hamas! Hamas! Joden aan het gas", and "Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!".

However, to the good enlightened judges calling for administering a new batch of Jews with Zyklon B doesn't qualify as "inciting hatred".

The crazy bitch on Van Bommel's side is Gretta Duisenberg, widow to the late Wim Duisenberg, Trichet's predecessor as President of the European Central Bank. Gretta Duisenberg, who hangs up Paleostinian flags on her mansion for a sport, is an extreme leftwing econutter who is so mad as a hatter that it makes a sane person shudder with fear for western civilization (watch that movie and look at her eyes).


MSM polls state that give an take half of the Dutch population supports Wilders. As with the MSM in other western countries, everything the Dutch whorenalists say is to be taken with a rather large grain of salt. I'd rather have confidence in a poll conducted by Holland's superpopular group blog GeenStijl (literally NoStyle), which says it is actually 85%.

So who filed the complaint against Geert Wilders? GeenStijl provides us with the following list. Always the same song. An alliance of extreme leftists and muslims. Here are the names of the scoundrels:

Timo Eekhoudt
Jörgen Raymann [TV comedian]
Sjoukje Maartje Aafke Wiersma
Evy Dewina Kasmo
Ali Al-Jaberi
Mohamed Yosuf Haydaty
Nan Luursema
Floris Alberse
Khalid Bedri
Milena Holdert
Klaas Stutje
Mirko V. van Pampus
René Boer
A. el Aqde
Cüneyt Kocak
Dirim Kutlar
Casper Thomas
Jennifer Tason
Allard Altena
Willemijn Kuper

Notice that among these people is the Board of the As-Sunnah mosque in The Hague. While not present on the list above, the most colorful preacher of the As-Sunnah mosque is a certain Imam Sheikh Fawaz Ineid, who a couple of years back led his flock into prayer with the following jewel:


"Oh God here are Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Van Gogh. You will visit them with Your rage and disgust. Oh God, give Van Gogh a disease that not a single inhabitant of Earth will be able to cure. He would as a result long for death and not receive it. Oh God, let misery visit Van Gogh so that he longs for death and not receives it. Oh God, blind the sight of Ayaan Hirsi Ali as you have blinded her heart. Oh God, blind her sight. O God get a cancer in her brain. O God, make her get tongue cancer..."

In case you wonder whether a rant like that, which is as ludicrous as it is hateful, was actually ever recited in a mosque, I am sorry, IT WAS, and there are audiotapes to prove it. You will find the complete text, and much more, here. As you can see this "prayer" was recited before Van Goghs murder, which means we are at this moment a couple of years further down the road. It hasn't gotten better. When I tell you that the Dutch state even designated a salafist bulwark as the as-Sunnah mosque as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, Charity for the General Good), which means that financial gifts to it are tax-deductible, you must think I'm making this up. But alas, that is also true. So let's summarize:

* among the group of leftozoid econutters and islamists who filed a complaint against Wilders before the Amsterdam Court is the Board of the As-Sunnah Mosque in The Hague

* The As-Sunna Mosque in the Hague, a salafist hotbed, is the "place of worship" where Imam Sheik Fawaz Ineid regularly treated the faithful to "prayers" like above

* The Amsterdam Court decided Wilders must be prosecuted for "inciting hatred", while it turns a blind eye on the hate sermons at the As-Sunnah mosque (and other mosques), and the crowds of "youths" shouting verbal abuse at jews

One last thing. The swinging Dutch royals, that is to say, heir to the throne Willem Alexander, the son of Queen Beatrix, and his wife Maxima (who is Argentinian and who was born a Zorreguieta, the daughter of a minister under Videla's government), just paid a royal visit to Oman. Here is a photo of Maxima, the future Dutch Queen:


Maybe the future Queen Fatima al-Zorreguieta is rehearsing?


P.S.: Photo via GeenStijl. Some data via our Virginian pals over at Gates of Vienna.

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