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In the night of 31 December to January 1st, 1,147 cars were torched throughout France.




Some would say it's "just" demonstrations. I say it's a challenge to the police, a reconnoitring mission, testing how far they can go. There are of course the usual leftwing airheads - or maybe not, "airheads" implies they are naive, but I fear it's becoming crystal clear they are deliberately siding with islamists - who claim these are rightful demos against Israels incursion in Gaza. But then one can ask why on earth Europes muslims have to export their problems to our cities. What we are increasingly seeing is a deliberate attempt to impose their point of view on the indigenous population. When interviewed, the spokesmen of the muslim organizations - invariably posing as the "moderates" - claim they are sooooo sorry for the mayhem, the destroyed shop windows, the terrorized locals, the damaged infrastructure etc etc etc BUT in the same breath DEMAND we should understand "muslim anger". The following video is from Mulhouse. Truth to say, all seems quiet. Yup, the quiet of submission. No sane Frenchman would dare to venture out. All those flag-wielding Turks, Algerians and Moroccans claim it's their democratic "right" to demonstrate in favor of Palestine - but I GUARANTEE you they would DENY that right to Frenchmen demonstrating for Israel. Anyone bearing a flag with the Star of David round these barbarians would be lynched. From the website of François Desouche:

More from Desouche, a scene in a Parisian neighborhood:

"21,000 persons demonstrated in Paris against the situation in the Middle East. Certain vandals threw stairs taken from cafes to the security forces, who responded with tear gas. Some persons mounted vehicles, others destroyed public infrastructure. On the Boulevard Haussmann, several cars were torched, some fifteen others were turned upside down, then smashed apart. Shop windows were thrown in.

In Lyon, between 8,000 and 15,000 persons. In Marseille, there were 15,000 according to the organizers, 4,000 according to the police. In Bordeaux, there were between 2,000 and 3,000 demonstrators, in Lille 3,000, in Toulouse between 600 and 800 accooriding to the source, in Nantes between 1,700 and 4,000."

It's not that French security forces were unprepared. Galliawatch reports that:

"The French government is taking exceptional precautions on New Year's Eve. The unusual measures are a reflection of the dangers they perceive, but rarely admit to openly. This article is from Libération:

FrenchSecuritySeven thousand men will be mobilized in France to reenforce the usual deployment on New Year's Eve, announced Interior Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie. The government had already decided to reenforce security in the big cities on December 17, following the discovery of explosives with no detonator in the Printemps department store in Paris. [Note: The event in question took place on December 16 when the police, alerted by a letter signed by the "Afghan Revolutionary Front", found 5 sticks of dynamite in the public toilets of the department store. In their letter they demanded the withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan before the end of February 2009, "otherwise we will strike again in your capitalist department stores and this time without giving you warning." (Source: 20 Minutes)]"

From Denmark, Danish blogger Snaphanen reports that the following reaching out posters from the country's successfully integrated muslim minority are adorning the square in front of Copenhagen's Town Hall:


In Brussels, Belgium there were demos which turned violent, with cars burnt and public and private property destroyed. But it was in Antwerp, home base of the terrorist-related Arab European League, that the most havoc was wrought:


The caption from Het Laatste Nieuws reads:


Because of the totally derailed demonstration of the Arab European League (AEL), many Jews in Antwerp dare no longer venture out on the streets whenever protestors are around. They fear vandalism and violence. An internal sms service of Antwerps Jewish community warns jewish people to steer clear off the Turnhoutsebaan and the Diamond District, writes Michael Freilich of Joods Actueel."

Joods Actueel also reports that an arson attack on a house in which a Jewish family lived, and where 12 children were present, narrowly failed:

Fire bomb at home of Jewish family in Antwerp.

"In the course of the day [Sunday January 4] it became known that in the night from Saturday to Sunday a fire bomb was thrown at a house in Antwerp. The house belongs to a Jewish family. As if by a miracle the fire extinguished itself. The consequences could otherwise have been disastrous because at the time of the attack 12 children were sleeping in the house.

The targeted house is located in the Oedenkovenstraat in Borgerhout, within walking distance of the Turnhoutsebaan. The Turnhoutsebaan was in 2002 the location of serious riots after an AEL [Arabisch Europese Liga, “Arabic European Legue”] demonstration went out of control."

More pics from the pro-Palestinian demo in Antwerp on January 4:



If we are to preserve our freedom and prosperity, we must prepare our armies for battle against our muslim minorities BEFORE they turn into majorities. If ever that critical treshold is reached, Europe is done. I am sorry that I have to put it so bluntly, but 1,400 years of history teach us that wherever the followers of the vile "Prophet" have spread, violence and loss of rights and human degradation for "non-believers" have invariably followed. Why would it be different this time? It is too soon to judge whether the prodigious American experiment in the Middle East, started by President Bush, will bear fruit and if it does in decades to come, it may be too late for Europe and our magnificent civilization. It is thus better to err on the side of caution. It is with pain in my heart that I therefore state that Europes armed forces must prepare for battle in the streets, with heavy armor, artillery and ground attack aircraft, against muslim usurpation of power and the challenge to our democratically chosen representation.

Anyone who, in light of the very clear trend towards destabilization of our societies and the erosion of democratic values at the hands of our muslim minorities, the most radical elements of which who don't even hide their aspirations anymore, is either a fool, a liar, or a traitor of his people.

I must emphasize again that I do not write this down lightly. I am a hard-working small business owner and tax payer and a law-abiding citizen. I try to be a good husband and father. I'm not your run of the mill trigger happy fanatic. I would PREFER, and ENCOURAGE, that our muslim minorities adapt to our ways and laws and try to become good contributing citizens, like the truck driver from Niger who delivered goods to my business this afternoon. I sense - know - that he is not challenging our systems and institutions. He is welcome here, and I wish him all the best and a long and happy life in our country.

It is however clear but to the fools among us, that Europes islamic communities have a different agenda than my truck driver from Niger.


PS: hat tip for some of the stories to the inimitable Gates of Vienna.

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