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ADDITION Obama 2008 Photomccain

... should be obvious.

I am a Fleming.

I am a Belgian.

I am a European.

Everybody is biased to some point. I am no exception. I was born and raised in a conservative household in which both parents, who both had to work from a very young age to pay for the education of their younger siblings, did their utmost best, at great personal cost, to offer their four children better chances than they had had. It is only natural that their example was of great influence on me and my political leanings.

Had I been born in a dirt poor family wherein my father would have left my mother when I was still just a kid, my outlook on the world might have been very different. I might have believed (more) in redistribution.

I have never claimed the right has it always "right". I have never claimed, or even believed, that I myself, in presenting my conservative views to others, am 100% right. Neither however do I believe it's a 50/50 thing. What I DO believe is that the "Right" has got it "right" more often than the Left. I DO believe in hard work and eking out a comfortable living for yourself on this planet by your own efforts. I DO believe children who have had the fortune to grow up in a stable family wherein the father is a man and the mother a woman, preferably married, have a far better shot at becoming happy, sane and satisfied citizens than kids of single parents. I DO believe in the quintessential goodness of the faith I was brought up in, Christianity, even though I admit I have often been a doubter.

As I grow older, I notice ever more things that convince me of why it's better to be a rightwinger than a leftwinger. Last Saturday, All Saints Day, I put flowers on a little stone on my hometown's cemetery. An urn is buried under it. It contains the ashes of my good friend Wim V., who died at 27 from an overdose. In my country, possession of softdrugs has been legalized by the left. It was drugs which sent my friend on a path of despair from which there was no return. Wim was a leftwinger, I am a rightwinger. But it was me putting those flowers on that stone.

My private home is in Wallonia, my business in Flanders. As I thus travel daily between what is essentially an almost communist state in a state and a relatively capitalist region (socialism has alas also made great inroads in Flanders), I have daily evidence that socialism ruins a country and people while capitalism empowers them and makes them wealthy.

I have noticed that it was a leftist, Volkert Van Der Graaff, who murdered Pim Fortuyn, a brave Dutchman who lamented the insane mottos of the "multicultural" society.

I have also noticed that it was a muslim empowered by leftists, Mohammed Bouyeri, who murdered Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who did the same as Fortuyn.

I have noticed that in Europe, it's ALWAYS rightwing parties that are persecuted, NEVER leftwing parties.

And I have noticed that on the blogs, the sites where comment sections are closed for dissenting opinions, are almost always leftwing sites.

Today, the incomparable site Gates of Vienna broke the story of Frank Vanhecke, who only hours ago was stripped of his immunity as MEP (Member of the European Parliament). Mr. Vanhecke was THE man who turned my party, the Vlaams Belang, into a decent, modern conservative party of which William Buckley would have been proud. Several years ago, a VB member in a small Flemish town, Sint-Niklaas, distributed a leaflet in which he attributed the desecration of several graves to Moroccan youths. This later turned out to be untrue. The author publicly apologized; so did Mr. Vanhecke, since, as National Chairman, he was the responsible editor for all VB publications. Nevertheless, the extreme leftwing mayor of Sint-Niklaas, a socialist called Freddy Willockx, abused the incident to file a lawsuit for racism in the EP against... Mr. Vanhecke, who is one of three VB MEP's. And this despite a provision in Belgian law stipulating that if the author of the dubious publication admits guilt, which he did, the responsible editor can not be prosecuted anymore. You may remember the photo below, which shows Mr. Vanhecke after he was thrown on the ground and arrested in Brussels in September 2007 not for demonstrating against the islamization of Europe, since that had been forbidden by the socialist mayor of Brussels, but for merely chatting with reporters.


Hours ago, the verdict fell. The immunity of Frank Vanhecke has been lifted. He can now be prosecuted for racism for a publication he never wrote, nor was even aware of. Mr. Vanhecke will not be able to run in the 2009 European elections, and the VB loses in him a strong figure who would have brought in a substantial amount of votes. This is how the left neutralizes parties and people who refuse to swallow their enlightened wisdom.

This is what Europe, what the European Union, has become. Or is rapidly becoming. A totalitarian state.

And I notice that the dominant ideology in the European Union is leftist. To the degree that even the "rightwing" parties have adopted ominously much of the credos of the leftwing ones. I notice that Freddy Willockx is a leftwinger. I also notice that Frank Vanhecke is a rightwinger.

In the United States, I notice that Barack Hussein Obama is a leftwinger. I notice that Obama uses legal threats to pull a 527 ad. I notice that Obama threatens with lawsuits against Stanley Kurtz. I also notice that Obama throws reporters from newspapers who did not endorse him off his plane.

I notice that Barack Hussein Obama eerily strikes me as your typical Eurosocialist.

McCain is not perfect. McCain is not a perfect conservative. But still, if YOU, as an American and a citizen of the greatest nation on earth, cherish your freedom and cherish all the things that made your country what it is, a beacon of hope for billions - not the phoney delusional "hope" of a charlatan, but real hope for a better future in freedom - ... then your best chance lies with the Old Warhorse.

Don't say you haven't been warned.


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