Thursday, July 03, 2008


An article in the Fashion addendum to the Belgian weekly Knack (leftwing, what else did you expect?), June 30, 2008. Topic: Paris Fashion Show. Title: The Soft Man of 2009 in Paris. Author: fella by the name of Jesse Brouns, who is a man. Or was at least born like one. Whatever. Exerpts:

"Kawakubo [designer of the French men fashion label "Comme des garçons" - MFBB] reintroduces the skirt, in all kinds of ways. The past ten days I have seen skirts everywhere, or rather: interpretations of skirts and all kinds of hybrids (like Prada's knee-reaching polo shirts). The show of Comme des Garçons confirms my suspicion that soon the Man Skirt will break through decisively. Hurrah!"

"Boris Bidjan Saberi, only featuring his second collection, hangs his models on the ceiling using chains. His top notch sportswear betrays his Iranian descent. The hoods e.g. look like borrowed from an islamic woman in black abaya. As far as I'm concerned: the revelation of the season."

"The Lanvin boys look simultaneously nostalgic and melancholic, but are at the same time completely from "now". They are dandy's in outfits which, if you describe them, easily sound effeminate, but definitely aren't: shirts with little pow sleeves, slack bow ties, see-through blouses, supple suits (one of them in pastel-colored velvet), here and there some glitter. My favorite: a T-shirt with a broad rim of fake jewels, laid in onto a T-shirt in the same colour. One of the high points of the Paris fashion week."

Fill in a caption yourself. I'm tired.


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