Sunday, March 09, 2008


Outstanding video from Pat Condell. Mind you, I'm not particularly enamored with Pat Condell. If you check out his site, the fella suggests GWB and UBL are two sides of the same coin, and imho it takes quite some brain damage to think so. Mr. Condell is an outspoken atheist, and while he may not respect my faith (a.o.), I do respect his being godless. As a matter of fact, having struggled (and struggling still) with faith myself, I can fully understand why people get turned away from religion or become, at "best", agnostics.

Still, Mr. Condell has some very pointy and true remarks about the Religion of Peace, whose adherents over just the past week, for a change, killed 38 people at a funeral in northwest Pakistan, blew up 53 others in a Baghdad commercial district, shot dead 8 Jewish students in Jerusalem, and in China attempted to crash an airliner and attack the site of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Food for thought. Is he exaggerating? I think not. Just today, France held municipal elections. Guess who was candidate for the post of mayor in Strasbourg, one of France's most important cities? Mohamed Latrèche, founder and chairman of the Parti des Musulmans de France, the French Muslim Party. Mohamed Latrèche is a fierce antisemite who allied himself with the notorious Holocaust denier Serge Thion, went to Iraq in early 2003 to be part of the "human shields" and staged numerous anti-Israel and anti-"occupation" demos. His PMF is demanding a Muslim cemetery with perpetual rights, a school for girls who are "deprived of an education by the liberty-killing law on headscarves", halal meals in school cafeterias, hospitals and so forth, dignified places of worship responding to the needs of the Muslims of Strasbourg, and special schedules at swimming pools for Muslim girls. Amongst others. Photo of this illustrious personage courtesy of Gaelle Mann.

Geert Wilders, when will you finally release fitna??? We are tired of waiting.


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