Saturday, March 29, 2008


Dutch version, couldn't get an English version embedded. With thanks to Bart Debie.

This 15-minute "movie" shouldn't be an issue. Basically, it does not contain "new" material, nor does it boast explicitly challenging or "offensive" remarks by Geert Wilders. The shocking fact about all the bruhaha is not the muslim reactions to it - in my neck of the woods, there wasn't much consternation. No rioting, almost no vandalism. For now, it appears the reactions in "the muslim world" seem to be rather tame too.

No, the real shocker is that all members of the Dutch government were shitting a smelly brown fluid because of what they anticipated, and did everything to distance themselves from Wilders' project. The real shocker is that their minions, the Quislings of our time, came out of the woodwork to do the dirty job for the government so that they, afterwards, could pretend they had defended free speech. The real shocker is finding out that we are being governed, spelled lessons, and lied to be the most abominable collection of coward politicians, sinister multiculturalist prophets, and whorenalists. Their names are many: Jan Peter Balkenende, Gerard Spong, Hans Laroes, Bart Sturtewagen, and literally thousands of others in important positions in governments, big law firms, TV companies and major newspapers. The real shocker was finding out that one of our most precious values, Freedom of Speech, was not at all defended by our self-proclaimed moral betters who were in the best position for broadcasting a loud and clear message to the muslim world: "Until here and no further!"; but that the defense had to be done by barely some tens of internet mavericks. Saying that Freedom of Speech has survived last week because you can see this ultimately rather inoffensive "movie" online on a couple of sites is far too much honor. If you consider how the European Union, the Dutch government, YouTube, LiveLeak, Network Solutions and literally hundreds of editors of major European newspapers either caved in under the threats or rushed to the defense of the utterly evil and inhuman political-religious ideology which is islam, I would rather say that Freedom of Speech in the West barely survived, indeed, is moribund.

Islam's strenghth has always been the weakness of its enemies. Judging by the weakness of the scoundrels who should come up for our values, it must be getting very strong indeed.

Islam may be our enemy, but it is not our principal enemy. The REAL ENEMY is in ourselves.

Scum... we are watching you.


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