Thursday, February 28, 2008


Zwolle, The Netherlands. February 26, 2008. 11.59 am. Public swimming pool "Hanzebad". Director Hans Meijer confirms that the burqini remains barred from his facilities. One week before, a Dutch muslim convert, Yvonne Buitelaar, had appeared in "Hanzebad" clad in a burqini, shocking those present. In a letter addressed to Mr. Meijer, the City Council of Zwolle protested the latter's decision to ban the all-covering bathing suit, arguing that "The argument that other visitors may experience the burqini as insulting is no objective criterion." (By contrast, the argument that muslims may experience a 10 minute YouTube movie as insulting does seem to be an objective criterion.)

Zwolle, The Netherlands. February 26, 2008. 16.29 am. Public swimming pool "Hanzebad". Director Hans Meijer confirms that the burqini is allowed in his facilities. Four hours and thirty minutes before, Director Meijer had received a letter from Zwolle's City Council to reconsider his opposition to the all-covering bathing suit, offering several sound reasons to do so, and apparently Mr. Meijer thought they cut wood. One of the arguments for lifting the ban is that in their eternal wisdom, the City Councillors think that wearing the burqini will promote integration. As for now, the whole matter is an academic issue since a.) most burqinis are worn by converts, of which there are - until now - relatively few, and b.) muslim women of non-Dutch extraction are not allowed in public swimming pools anyway, burqini or not.

That leaves us poor infidel kufars with the burning question....


Or Bikini?

Needless to say, Outlaw Mike endorses the latter as the Preferred Swimming Attire for the Modern, Confident, Conservative-Libertarian, Hayek-reading, Reagan-worshipping, Devoutly Christian 21st Century Woman. Yeeee-haw!!!

And Director Hans Meijer should change the name of his swimming pool from Hanzebad to Islamabad.


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