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I have recently spent quite some time on the excellent blog Gates of Vienna, which, contrary to what its name would suggest, is not run by a European but (mainly) by an American from Virginia (notice this Redhunter!), who goes by the name of Baron Bodissey. While his blog serves essentially the same purpose as LGF, there is definitely more emphasis on analysis and thought-provoking essays. The past few weeks, in the wake of the murder of Dr. Fuat Deniz, a number of posts shed light on Swedens excessively Politically Correct climate which is doing nothing more or less than steer the country to the abyss. Contrary to what many would think, the worst afflicted country in Europe with regards to political correctness and its grave consequences for the essential tenets of a democratic state, is not The Netherlands but Sweden. The Netherlands is bad, and getting worse, but there is still a semblance of freedom of speech. Sweden however is another matter. Even as theoretically a center-rightwing party is in power (under PM Fredrik Reinfeldt, see an earlier post), there is little difference between this government or the former. Put simply, even the "right" is somewhat left and since the left has been in power since the thirties Sweden is actually some kind of a one party state. The decades long infiltration of the media by extreme leftwing commentators and producers, as well as the lure of a state taking care of everything, have imbued the average Swede with the drivel of false ideologies to such an extent that Sweden is very likely the one country on earth with the hightest proportion of brainwashed people - the closest example on hand of Orwell's "1984", as it were. Now, on Gates of Vienna there are two excellent posts covering Sweden's demise, a "fun" post by the Baron himself and an essay by the noted blogger Fjordman, a guestwriter on GoV. I highly recommmend them both. The "fun" post consists of the following video. If you are an Anglosaxon, you may be irked by the somewhat high charcoal content of the English used. But that does by no means diminish its value. Here goes:

Then there is the "hard" part, but let that not discourage you, it is very readable. Fjordman reveals himself here again as the powerful and lucid essayist he is. It is an article mainly about the extreme leftwing organisation "Expo", which, not coincidentally, provided LGF's Charles Johnson with false info on Sverigedemokraterna. Some excerpts:

At the same time that Muslims are colonizing Western nations while complaining about Islamophobia, the few remaining non-Muslim communities in the Middle East are being systematically eradicated. As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch writes in his book Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t , “Christian communities throughout the Middle East that date back to the dawn of Christianity are decreasing so much that they are on the verge of disappearing from the area altogether. In Iraq half of the nation’s prewar 700,000 Christians have fled the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein.. Overall the Middle Eastern Christian population has dropped from 20 percent in 1900 to less than 2 percent today.”

How come left-wing organizations are so concerned about “Islamophobia” in the West, but care so little about Muslim infidelophobia? Is it because the extreme Left sees this as a continuation of their struggle against their own civilization, of which Christianity is a part?

The largest party on the political Left in Sweden, the Social Democrats, have announced their cooperation with members of the Muslim Brotherhood, for the mutual benefit of both, but the left-wing organization Expo sees nothing wrong in this. They concentrate their fire on those who want limit mass immigration and thus impede Socialist efforts to import voters from abroad.

The Swedish Social Democrats were pro-Fascist and pro-Nazi during the 1930s and 40s, and appeased the Communists during the Cold War. Now they forge an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, another organization with close ideological ties to the Fascist and Nazi movements. The Social Democrats agree to continue allowing Muslims to colonize the country in exchange for their votes. In the old days this would be called treason. Now it’s called tolerance. Two Fascist-inspired movements cooperate on exploiting the native population of a country, force them to fund and applaud their own colonization and denounce them as bigots, racists and Fascists if they resist. The strategy is as clever as it is evil...

...Expo is, in my view, a symbol of the forces that have turned Sweden into perhaps the most totalitarian and politically repressive country in the Western world. Let it serve as a warning to others about what happens when Multiculturalism, Socialism and anti-nationalism gain power.

I have never before used the moniker "Read the whole thing", since I think it's inappropriate to exhort people to do that. People have to judge for themselves what they want to read. What one can do is use clever marketing, and this is e.g. what the makers of the video above have done. But for once, I'll make an exception to the rule. So, read the whole thing!


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