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Charles Johnson just can't get enough of it. A recent post sheds light on JihadWatch's Robert Spencer's decision to distance himself from the Vlaams Belang, on the grounds that it "allied" itself with the BNP (British National Party). What has happened? First of all, delegations from a number of rightwing parties - most commentators dub them "extreme right", "far right" etc. - have recently convened in Antwerp, northern Belgium, to announce the formation of a new organization, "Cities against Islamization". According to The Australian:

SEVERAL European far-right parties announced a new organisation aimed at fighting the "Islamisation" of Europe. The group dubbed "Cities against Islamisation" was presented to the media in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp by Filip Dewinter, head of the far-right Belgian party Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) along with Austrian FPOE leader Heinz-Christian Strace and Robert Spieler of the regionalist Alsace First group. Parties from Britain (the British National Party), Denmark, Germany and Italy were also represented at the launch of the group which has a road-sign-style crossed-out mosque as its logo.

I must admit that, although I have been aware of the existence of the BNP for many years, I never took a close look at their programme. It is therefore with more than a frown that I came across the following membership statement, as posted on their site:

Membership of the British National Party is open to those of British or kindred European ethnic descent. While we welcome contact and co-operation with nationalists and patriots of other races, and with the many non-whites who also oppose enforced multi-racialism, we ask them to respect our right to an organisation of our own, for our own, as we respect and applaud their measures to organise themselves in like fashion.

Although further on the BNP's site strictly denies claiming to be white supremacists - and does offer some arguments to back that up - I fear that, were I a Brit, the requirement to be of white race only would withhold me from becoming a member. Luckily, I am not confronted with the same dilemma in my party, the Vlaams Belang, which is open to people of all races and yes, religions. It is therefore very regrettable, that in much the same way that Johnson took the arguments against the VB hook, line and sinker, Robert Spencer now has done the same with the info obtained from the Top Lizardoid. In my book, BNP's refusal to accept people of other races is racist in nature. There is no such refusal within the VB. So why then does Spencer write:

As I have said before, I completely disavow all racist and neo-Nazi ideas. I also disavow all race-based approaches to the jihad threat, for the reasons explained above, and will not work with the VB or the BNP. I hope other anti-jihadists will find those arguments compelling and follow suit. In the recent bitter controversy between Charles Johnson and a group of counterjihadists over the nature of the VB, it does appear quite clearly from this new alliance, if it wasn't already, that Charles was right. The VB needs to do much more, and much more clearly, if it really wishes to avoid appearing to oppose Islamization solely on racial grounds.

Do your homework Robert Spencer! During all these months, Johnson has never come up with a photo like the one below. I'm afraid it does not fit his agenda, you see.

Is this Filip Dewinter with a scary Obersturmbannfuehrer? Nope. It's Filip Dewinter with a very fine young lad, Pieter Van Boxel, of Indonesian descent but raised in a Flemish household, hence the name. He is a local chapter leader in the small community of Malle. There are others like him. There would be many more, if not the Belgian media, political parties and unions had not been unleashing a tidal wave, for thirty years now, of the most vile disinformation regarding my party. The real reasons the VB is so hated is NOT because it would be racist, but firstly, because it is unashamedly CONSERVATIVE in a political environment where even the Right - or what passes for it - is leftist to a considerable degree. Secondly, and this is especially indegistible for the Belgian establishment, because it strives for Flemish Independence (note that I am not in favor of that, but that is another question). The last reason, perhaps the most compelling one, can be summarized in the following photo:

The banner behind Mr. De Winter reads: "BUSH IS RIGHT. STOP ISLAMIC TERROR."

The photo was taken in early fall 2001, at about the time Mullah Omar fled Kabul in the back of a pickup with his djellaba sporting some suspicious smelly brown streaks. At the very same moment, Green MP Jef Tavernier gave a TV interview urging the US to immediately stop bombing the wifebeaters since "enough was enough". But I digress. Suffice to say these are the real reasons why the VB is so hated here, and unfortunately the PC crowd is succeeding to tar my party's reputation on yonder side of the Atlantic too. I suppose the VB's access to Washington channels, back in February, was more than they could bear.

But I digress. Back to the BNP. Johnson and now Spencer too make it appear as if the "Cities against Islamization" campaign is a broad strategic alliance. It is not. As a matter of fact, the BNP was not even present at the Counterjihad Conference in fall 2007 in Brussels. It is a specific action field aimed especially at some key cities suffering most from an uncontrollable influx of islamic customs and all this accompanies: sharia, a religious police, no-go zones, soft, or not so soft expulsion of indigenous people etc etc. Personally, I can live with the VB joining hands with the BNP in this particular initiative. Americans should understand this. In WWII, they allied themselves with a monstrous regime in order to defeat an even worse enemy. And in more recent times, we had the good fortune of seeing the famous photo of George W. Bush shaking hands with his new ally from the Anbar Salvation Front, Sheikh Abu al-Shattar (who was shortly thereafter murdered by AQI). One year ago, the good Sheikh orchestrated or at least supported attacks by his men on American columns. In Iraq, US troops are now allies of groups like the 1920's Revolutinary Brigades, who until recently ambushed them. I don't recall BNP guerrillas ever taking potshots at VB members. So I wonder what exactly is wrong with the VB working together with the BNP on one particular issue?

Were the VB proscribing from tomorrow on that it only accepts whites, I quit immediately. It does not. In the same manner that the US did not tar its reputation - at least not in my book - by working with the USSR to defeat Nazi Germany, I fail to see why the VB should now become political pariahs by working with the nationalist Brits. And if their programme smells racist, have you taken into consideration what may have spurred them to take such a hard stance? No? Take a look at this video then. From The Brussels Journal: This video is a disgrace:

Mr. Johnson, sitting safely on his warm ass in distant La-La Land, can possibly permit himself a Holier-Than-Thou attitude. The lads from the BNP are past that stage, I fear. I want my kids to grow up in a FREE society. If that requires the VB cooperating with the BNP, I see no problem with that. Congratulation Charles Johnson. And congratulations Robert Spencer. Nice rift you got us there. I suppose you DO know which party laughs most, don't you?


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