Sunday, July 30, 2006


Stop your foolin' around
Time you straightened right out
Quit being an asshole
And playing the terrorist supporting role

(Lyrics by Dandy Livingstone/The Specials 1979, covered by UB40 in the eighties)

Rudi VranckxWe're talking here about Rudi Vranckx, one of the "star" reporters of the VRT, the Flemish part of the Belgian state-run TV. Mr. Vranckx is one of those typical multiculti commies making up the bulk of the VRT's reporter corps. Since he is also an accomplished Americahater and there have been a lot of Americans in the Middle East for some time now, he's the perfect man for the post of Middle East envoy for Belgian TV. I once watched him taking an interview of a Dr. Saad in Nasiriyah General Hospital, South Iraq. Dr. Saad, just liberated, apprently had nothing good to say about those trigger-happy US grunts. However, a short while later I saw CNN interview that same Dr. Saad, because he was actually a doctor in the hospital where Private Jessica Lynch had been held. In that interview, even if it was from CNN, the good doctor was a lot more positive about US troops. I guess it's that badass personality of mine, but I suspect Rudi did a li'l cutting and pasting when he prepeared his interview for the beloved Belgian audience. But I digress. Why was I talking about Rudi Vranckx? Because of Dyab Abu Jahjah. Who's Dyab Abu Jahjah? In the case of Dyab, a thousand words is worth more than a picture:

a.) Dyab on the HAMAS-abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit:

When a Palestinian heroic commando penetrates out of the great concentration camp called the Gaza strip and attacks a military base of the fascist Israeli Army of occupation taking down two criminals and capturing a third, every freedom loving soul on this planet should be joyful...

b.) Dyab on the HAMAS-abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit (v2.0):

After the massacres that the Zionist enemy committed against our people in Palestine, killing babies, children and peaceful families, the Palestinian resistance retaliated with a heroic attack killing two soldiers of the Israeli criminal army and capturing a third, after entering the Palestinian occupied territories (1948) by digging a tunnel under the racist wall.

Dyab Abu JahjahCut Dyab some slack here people. He was apparently having some trouble finding heroic actions by Hizballah or Hamas zeroes. OK, let's cut the crap, his photo is to the left. Like we've said earlier on these pages, Dyab Abu Jahjah is a Lebanese extremist and self-confessed former (?) Hizballah member who was able to enter Belgium in the nineties through a phoney marriage with a Belgian girl. He's the founder and leader of the Antwerp-based Arab-European League, a radical muslim youth movement which in the meantime has spread to Holland and France. He's in favour of importing Sharia Law in the Low Countries, wants arabic to become the fourth official language of Belgium and is, aha, an ardent opponent of multiculturalism! Indeed, according to Abu Jahjah multiculturalism and assimilation constitute "cultural rape", and he favors muslim segregation instead. I may have a message to Rudi Vranckx that he's an asshole, but Dyab has another message for our star reporter, namely that he can shove his multiculti ideals up his, well, I just said it. But let that be no problem for Rudi! Dyab, like I said a Lebanese, could not bear any longer seeing the IDF bombing Lebanon to rubble from Tyre to Tripoli and decided to travel to his homeland to help defend it against the despicable Zionist fascists. But what a koinsidens!!! Rudi and Dyab met on the smoking remnants of a Hizballah Katyusha launch site babyfood factory in Sidon, and the following interview was broadcast on Belgian TV. I kid you not. Keep in mind that Abu Jahjah in 2002 in Belgium publicly confessed he had been a Hizballah member, and that before his departure for Lebanon in mid-July he publicly stated in Belgian newspapers and on Belgian TV, that he was siding with that terrorist organization. Just imagine that: in Belgium, a man like Paul Belien is silenced, but a fella who leaves for a war zone and openly boasts he's going to fight with the terrorists is halal. Here's the interview, via LVB:

VRT- reporter interviews on first-name basis with Abu Jahjah in Sidon

Rudi Vranckx: "Dyab, you come from deep in the south, was it difficult to get here?"

Dyab Abu Jahjah: "Rather difficult, most roads are bombed [...]"


Rudi Vranckx: "They say that the resistance is hiding the rockets amidst the civilian targets".

Dyab Abu Jahjah: "That is not at all true. If you see the south of Lebanon, that's a big region eh! There's a lot of valleys, woods, grottos there... anything you want!"


Rudi Vranckx: "How do you support Hizballah?"

Dyab Abu Jahjah: "That is for me to know. I try to do that as best as I can."

Rudi Vranckx: "fight?".

Dyab Abu Jahjah: "I will not give an answer to that, fightin is not the only means to support the resistance. Every deed you do to keep this people on its feet is an act of resistance. It doesn't have to be fighting. It can be fighting, but it does not have to be that".

(broadcast on the VRT-news, 23 July 2006, 1 and 7pm)

I draw two conclusions from this interview. The first is that it's a crying shame that I have to pay sour-earned tax euros to fund a fucking commie TV network which sees fit a.) to send a reporter to interview a Belgian Hizballah member as if he were talking to a drinking buddy, and b.) have the nerve to portray that terrorist supporter at home as if he were a political expert.

The second conclusion is that Mr. Jahjah apparently has lost a lot of his gung ho attitude after a few weeks in the company of the IDF. "Every deed you do to keep this people on its feet is an act of resistance. It doesn't have to be fighting. It can be fighting, but it does not have to be that". Blah. Blah. Blah-de-blah-da-blah. Blah Blah. Blèh. What's the matter Dyab? Just before you swapped hot Belgium for an even hotter Lebanon, you were talking like this on you fancy AEL site:

This might be the last text I will write before going home on a trip that might be my last, I want to thank all the comrades who shared the struggle with me here for equal rights and for justice, as these are the same values we struggle for everywhere. I would like to tell them that you can not postpone the moment of truth for ever; one moment in which one makes a stand in the face of oppression is more precious than a life time of triviality.

I lived my life for this Nation, and not a hair in me will hesitate in laying it down for this Nation too. The fight for Arab Unity, Liberation, Freedom and Socialism is the essence of Justice in the Homeland and beyond. Some people call it a fight for god, some people call it a fight for mankind, in essence it is one and the same fight for freedom and justice.


When oppression rises above the sun to cover it, and injustice defies the wind and the Wicked and the Evil feast on the Flesh of innocent men, women and children. From within the darkness and the orgy of blood, a sword will shine, and the brave will murmur: “What a beautiful day to die” .

Methinks that when the heroic leader of the AEL first spotted a Merkava tank or heard the bird to the right buzz overhead, he thought that as a thirtysomething there would, after all, still come a lot of other "beautiful days to die." What a frikkin loser. Stay where you are eejit. I find it hard to understand why you, who "lived your life for your Nation", chose to do so from faraway Belgium.


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