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From the desk of Paul Belien

(Friday, 21 April 2006)

Paul BelienOn the videofootage you see them standing like predators alongside the wall at Brussels Central Station, scrutinizing the passersby for an easy prey they can finish off. Joe Van Holsbeeck turned out to be the victim, but it could just as well have been (fill in your own name here), or (the name of your children). He who has the misfortune to be selected, stands no chance. The predators have teeth and claws. The predators have knives. As children, they have learned at the yearly sacrificial feast how to cut the throat of warmblooded animals. We get sick when we see blood, but they don't. They are trained, they are armed. We cannot even possess pepperspray. They have butchery knives and know how to use them. We are the herd-animals, they are the beasts of prey. The herd-animals themselves have allowed the beasts of prey in their biotope. Our political, spiritual and intellectual herdsmen have led us to believe that this would be an enrichment for our society. Indeed, by allowing predators among herd-animals our herdsmen would be able to realize the heavenly Utopia on earth, the multicultural welfare state wherein, as the Bible says, the lion would peacefully lie down alongside the lamb. That is why we have cherished the vipers on our chest, trusting that if we would nurture them peacefully, they would not bite us, grateful for the milk that we would serve for free. But they interpreted our kindness as weakness. The scoundrels, who have gotten everything in our society: free education, child allowances, social security, murder today our children for an mp3-player.

According to Cardinal Danneels this is our fault, because we are indifferent, because in a Western, materialistic society an mp3-player is worth more than a human life. When Joe Van Holsbeeck was murdered and again: we are all Joes, because it could have happened to all of us, no one from the thousands of commuters, the herd-animals passing daily through Central Station, intervened to protect Joe, thus the flaming indictment of our herd-cardinal. That is why he thinks we are indifferent. We are indeed indifferent, but for another reason than Danneels, this false shepherd, this grave-digger of Catholic Flanders, thinks. Our indifference is apparent from the fact that for so many years already we keep submitting to the yoke of the criminal predators and the brainwashing of their accomplices, our political, intellectual and spiritual false shepherds. It is time that we lay down our indifference, that we kick the predators out and choose other shepherds. When suicide terrorists commit an attack in Israel, the Israelis take on their parents. With bulldozers they flatten the houses of their families.

Maybe our indifference is most characterized by the fact that we let the parents of the underage, murdering criminals alone, that we continue to let them benefit from our social security, that we do not destroy their houses and do not deport them as a punishment for the criminal offspring they have planted in our midst. Probably our indifference appears from the fact that the "xenophobic" Vlaams Belang gets only a quarter of Flemish votes and not 75 per cent, because this means that only one in four Flemings wants to stop the predators lurking around the Flemish herd, while three quarters remains indifferent. Most certainly our indifference appears from the fact that we allow ourselves to be led like a patient herd towards the slaughtering-table, while after Joes murder and the scandalous sermon of our shepherd we neither stormed the Central Station, nor Danneels' Palace. We stay honest and indifferent. For 17-year old Joe is not the first victim. Towards the end of January, in the Heyvaertstraat in Molenbeek a 16-year old black boy was stabbed down. Five Moroccans let him bleed to death because he refused to pay them 30 euros for a cell phone these predators had earlier stolen elsewhere. The murderers were never arrested, they walk freely through Brussels, just like the killer of Patrick Mombaerts. Shepherd Danneels did not open his mouth for this black boy, he has not preached against the "indifference" of the authorities who do not even search for these murderers, nor has he preached against the town council of Molenbeek which for days neglected to clean up the huge dried-up bloodstain in the Heyvaertstraat. What is a life worth (and certainly the life of a black boy killed by Moroccans) in the multicultural Utopia of Guy Verhofstadt and Godfried Danneels, where the lambs who object to lions lying down near them, are scolded for racists? Not we are indifferent. The authorities are, and the police, the government and the church. What we see today is betrayal of the people by state and church. Once Wilfried Martens shouted: "Give us weapons!" In a democratic state the government must protect the citizens against the predators. If the state cannot or will not carry out this function, the citizens have the right to arm themselves. He who goes to Brussels without pepperspray is a fool. He who counts on politicians for his protection is as good as dead.

The above text, written by Paul Belien, appeared on The Brussels Journal's website on April 21, 2006, at which time it was still unknown that the perpetrators of the murder of Joe Van Holsbeeck were not Moroccans, but Poles. You can agree or disagree with Mr. Belien, but fact is that there have been a number of gruesome killings by Moroccan teenagers, that "small" criminality among Moroccan youth is rampant and that in the immediate aftermath of the killing Mr. Belien apparently reacted in a very emotional (and for him unusual) tone. Personally, I think that his column risks to stigmatise the whole Moroccan community, which still counts, I assume, a solid number of decent individuals. That said, I do think Moroccan parents need to show (much) more responsibility in raising their (male) offspring. Too many criminal young brats roam the streets at night unchecked, where they do no good, to use an understated understatement.

Jozef De Witte, Belgian GEDAPO (Thought Police)Lavrenti Beria, De Wittes great example
Two weeks ago, the CEOOR, the Belgian Government's Thought Police, sometimes referred to as Center for Equal Opportunities and Oppositon to Racism, and led by Lavrenti Beria lookalike Jozef De Witte, demanded Mr. Belien remove the article in question from The Brussels Journal. If you click on this link, you will see the header "Artikel verwijderd" - Article removed - with a brief explanation from the hand of Mr. Belien. It appears the CEOOR threatened to prosecute Mr. Belien on the basis of article 1 paragraph 3 of the Anti-Racism Law of 30 July 1981, "inciting hatred against a group on grounds of nationality or ethnicity".

Thus Mr. Belien, married and having five children to feed, complied; and he requests the readers of TBJ not to quote or reprint his column, "so as not to infringe on his author's rights and not to expose themselves too to prosecution by the CEOOR."

Outlaw Mike, declared an outlaw by the Belgian State in 2004, has chosen not to heed his call and give the Downeast readership a sample of the (Deutsche Demokratische Republik) state Belgium has become. If Beliens writings are outlawed only the outlawed can publish Beliens writings.

Dyab Abu Jahjah
For good measure, I will now include two cartoons which appeared this spring on the website of the Antwerp-based AEL, or Arab European League, a radical muslim youth movement led by former (?) Hezbollah terrorist Dyab Abu Jahjah, a Lebanese extremist who was able to enter Belgium in the nineties through a phoney marriage with a poor sod of a girl from Bruges, Peggy Paternoster. While the Club of Lunatics currently in charge of the USSB is in a permanent delirium about how wonderful multicutlural diversity is, Mr. Jahjah holds a slightly different view. Among other things he is of the opinion that assimilation is "cultural rape". Also, he would like Arabic to become the fourth official language of Belgium. But I'm digressing here; the cartoons shown below are a (belated) reaction of the AEL to those lame Danish watercolors, you'll remember. Enjoy 'em:

AEL Holocaust mockeryAEL cartoon Anne Frank

Reaction from Jozef De Witte and his GEDAPO CEOOR:


WTF is growing out of these guys heads???You get the picture. It's a wonderful world over here in the Ole Europe. Oh, and btw, did you know that Hugo Chavez visited Londonistan? He was hosted a lunch by the socialist Londonistan mayor Ken Livingstone, you know, the fella who asked Jewish reporter Oliver Feingold whether he was a German war criminal or a concentration camp guard, and who thinks Bush is "the most corrupt American president since Harding in the Twenties". Cut Red Ken some slack here people: I bet that when he accused Chimpy McBushHitler of corruption, Hugo hadn't informed him yet about the escapades of his compadre Lula's government, back in Brazil. Uh, Lula leads a socialist government, but that must be a koinsidens. While I am at it, Mr. Livingstoned also thinks that the Communist dictator Mao Zedong's bloody regime was justified because it ended the ancient Chinese practice of binding women's feet. Mao Zedong, you remember, was the chap who killed 70 million of his subordinates and wretched the lives of, duh, 600 (?), 700 (?) million more. Oh man, I'm digressing again. Where was I? Right, Hugo in London. Hugo and Ken got on very well together!!! Hugo may not know about Mao yet, but it seems he knows that much more about Bush's dirty laundry list, hmmmmmmm? Why, he called for your genocidal president to be imprisoned. Also, he thinks you should not worry too much about 9/11, since "the twin towers of the World Trade Center consumed more energy than do some entire countries in Africa", dixit the Venezuelan President. I suppose he means the ones with a socialist government. Btw, did you know that the Spanish Socialist Party, the PSOE, just recently introduced a bill in the Congress of Deputies calling for “the immediate inclusion of simian apes in the category of persons, and that they be given the moral and legal protection that currently are only enjoyed by human beings." The PSOE's justification is that humans share 98.4% of their genes with chimpanzees, 97.7% with gorillas, and 96.4% with orangutans.

Another Chimp for Prez!!!Actually, the Spanish Socialists aren't that dumb you know. Consider it a strategic move to counter the catastrophic demographic evolution in Spain, where the spermatozoid falls mainly in the abysmalvoid. After granting chimpanzees, gorillas et al human rights, why not grant 'em voting rights and make them full citizens of Espana to neutralize the senoritas' somewhat off-kilter fertility rate of 1.1 kiddie per lifetime? Actually, when I look at some members of Zapaterlains gumint, to say nothing of Bambi himself, I wonder whether those sneaky bastards aren't trying to get their bill passed post factum.

This is MFBB reporting for DowneastBlog in Europe, the biggest Open Air Funny Farm in the Vhurld. Only the lunatics are in charge and the sane ones get locked up.


P.S.: credits for the photos: the one of Mr. Belien as well as the one of Jozef De Witte is from Luc Van Braekel's website, Luc is, as you may know, TBJ's webmaster. By coincidence he has a post right now about the CEOOR and its latest campaign, "Dirty Hetero". The pic with the gorilla and the bonobo in front of The Tower Bridge I got via LGF, and the Zapatero photo below is from Barcepundit.

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